The Cost of Quality in Plus Size Fashion

Emmi Snicker in See Rose Go aspirational plus size fashion in size 14-28
By Guest Editor Emmi 

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Since See ROSE Go (exclusively in size range 14-28) contacted me a while ago, I have curiously followed their journey as a plus size brand and retailer that addresses sustainability issues. We emailed back and forth and realized quite quickly that the issues of high quality and sustainability are close to heart for both of us - and simply decided to pay attention to the question:

Why pay more for quality? And what affects high quality plus size clothing cost?

While there are more quality options like Universal Standard, 11 Honore and See ROSE Go, what is still often discussed is that people demand cheaper trendy clothing lines in the plus size industry. The plus size industry should have a wide selection of price points from a value price point to high end. But what about affordable price quality clothing? I would like to turn the question around...

Is cheap plus size clothing something I really want? What is a better option?

First, to understand quality we need to review what goes into a garment. The cost of a garment is determined by materials, production quantities, cut & sewn labor, factory costs, transport and customs. For example activewear. The better the quality of the legging materials and the better working conditions the workers have in the mill dying the fabric and factory sewing the legging, the higher the cost.

The material accounts for almost 80 % of the cost of the garment. The level of design expertise and skill of construction determines how nice the fabric feels on the body, how well it fits and how long the garment lasts. Sacrificing material means a cheaper garment. We have all experienced the fabric that won’t hold up or that zipper that won’t stay zipped.

Certified factories with insurance, good working conditions and wages and also follow environmental laws will pay more for labor than those factories that do not comply with these regulations. By choosing certified factories, the cost will be higher for the garments, but as a consumer you will be supporting sustainable and ethical production.

Creating great clothing with quality material, in a responsible way all add into the cost of the garment.

The fact that the supply of quality garments in plus sizes is limited, is not new, but I was shocked when I realized that the market for sustainable, ethically produced clothing in plus sizes is almost non existent! Yes, even globally!

That's why I was incredibly happy when I found See ROSE Go, a plus size brand with inclusive sizing that focuses on quality and small batch collections. They are designed by the lovely founders Erin Cavanaugh and Yi Zhou in New York. The company launched partnering with a Turkish factory currently going through a successful audit toward a SEDEX certification. And has now added two more factory partners in China certified through BSCI, Business Social Compliance Initiative. You can learn more about our garment workers in our Fashion Revolution "I made your clothes" campaign.

For See ROSE Go, apart from ethical and sustainable issues, of course the good design and inclusive sizing is in focus. They work with quality and style that lasts several seasons with good fit and thoughtful details. By talking with fellow plus size women, they have discovered that many buy the same basic T-shirt, leggings or blazer  of poor quality, several times a year, because they weren’t able to find better alternatives. See Rose Go wants to offer clothing that doesn’t cost the T-shirt off your back - *pun intended* but still are sustainable - in several ways.

Shop effortless styles at premium plus size brand See Rose Go

"We all tend to wear 20 % of our wardrobe 80 % of the time. That 20 % must be great- every day. We demand so much from our lives, why not ask for more from our clothes?” Erin, Co-founder of See Rose Go

See ROSE Go garments are meant to stay timeless, like the favorite cardigan you want over and over again, season by season. See ROSE Go is all about quality, fit and style.

Aside from the fact that I love that See Rose Go, the brand is keeping sustainability as part of their business goals, I must agree with that they have an eye for details! These workwear track pants (if you call them that, more like good-butt track pants!) are of incredibly beautiful quality with a discreet zipper in the side, a hidden hook & eye closure at the top and a bottom hem that can be folded down or up - if you want to alter the length and make them longer or shorter. Talk about thoughtful design!

See Rose Go garments are not fast fashion- these are high end examples of quality made designs, produced in a responsible factory. You get what you pay for and beyond with these styles! They are modern classics you’ll wear again and again.

And, we're all wondering what the name See ROSE Go stands for - Rose represents all the lovely women they’ve met over the years who follow their ambitions and are passionate about what they do, in careers and having goals in life. The founders feel they are cheering for all these women. Rose stands for the balance between classic and modern beauty - and they believe everyone has a bit of Rose in them. Hence See ROSE Go!

I hope the post has raised some thoughts about price and production - what do you think about this topic?

Photographer credit: Malin Göransson @malin.goransson

Emmi is wearing the See Rose Go Track Pant in Black

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Shop effortless styles at premium plus size brand See Rose Go

For See ROSE Go sustainable and high-quality fashion for curvy women is non-negotiable. We've notice the topic of high quality clothing is not discussed by plus size fashion brands. Where the focus remains on the quantity of options over the quality.  The post pandemic fashion industry needs to deliver better sustainable options. At See ROSE Go we are dedicated to being a sustainable fashion brand that focuses on creating plus size clothes at with a quality promise.


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