Plus Size Sustainable Clothing, Ethical Sustainability & Fashion Brands

Plus Size Sustainable Clothing, Ethical Sustainability & Fashion Brands

Sustainability in a Pandemic 

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed nearly everything in our lives over the past year. It has made us question the way we think, look, and act. More specifically, questioning how and what we surround ourselves with. Not immune to the effects is the fashion industry. Lockdown and consumer shifts sent the fashion industry reeling into a much needed overhaul. Fast forwarding a change that has been needed for years. People not only question the products they are surrounding themselves with but also where they come from and are more aware where they will end up. This mindset shift has accelerated the need and visibility on sustainable issues with fashion brands . 

The pandemic did reinforce our appreciation for what we do have: health, family, home, nature and Earth! This focus on quality and nature has heighten the search for sustainable clothing options. This is a new concept within plus size. In an industry so totally lacking in options it was difficult for a curvy woman to find a dress let along one made with eco-friendly initiatives! Companies are all clamoring to shift practices into more consumer facing sustainable approach. With an industry that has been monopolized by fast fashion, brands that are ethical, sustainable, and communicative will take center stage in a post-pandemic world. 

Sustainable brands in Plus-Size Fashion 

Any new fashion start up will embrace sustainable practices as a no-brainer and larger older brands are making huge changes or will be left obsolete.  New York based See ROSE Go is pioneering two game-changing fronts, delivering high quality size inclusive clothing made to last and more accessible sustainability to plus size fashion. As an indie design plus size clothing brand we take the initiative to make quality and sustainability top priorities. We want women in our clothing to feel as good wearing See ROSE Go as we do creating it. Our passion for slow fashion quality and sustainable fashion practices have lead us to connect with our customers like never before.

Quality Promise

At See ROSE Go we strongly believe in the quality of our clothing. We are the first plus size brand to place an emphasis on quality and sustainable clothing. Our benchmark is to make versatile and timeless favorites to be reached for time and time again. To add lifespan to our designs it begins with high quality materials and durable construction techniques such as DNTS, (double needle top stitching) minimalist details and reinforced French seaming. Our expertise allows our consumer to buy fewer, but buy better. This initiative moves away from the realm of “fast fashion” by creating quality slow fashion reimagined classics for plus-size women.  Clothing that lasts longer and stay out of the land fill. Even if it doesn't stay in your closet, take proper care of your clothing and resell it, pass it on to a new home. It will still look like new. 



Ethical brands and Ethical fashion 

It's all rooted in a good manufacturing partner with ethical practices. While interviewing factories and visiting production lines it was expectation that our clothing was made with fair trade certified and ethical treatment of garment workers. Globally, approximately 75 Million people work within the garment production process. 80% (60 Million) of them are women between the ages of 18 and 35. Knowing that three-quarters of the global garment workforce are women, is it imperative for See ROSE Go, as a brand created by women, supporting women - to ensure our production process is responsible. When we work with factories we know they are certified, workers have fair living wages, benefits, and a safe and healthy work environment.  The crisis facing garment workers has only gotten worse over the course of the pandemic with shifting business needs and brands canceling orders. There is always more to be done. We aim to keep communication transparent with our customers while we work toward a global fashion movement. 

Sustainable Materials 

It's time to re-think sustainable clothing not just for plus size, but for all body-types. It's not all and only natural fibers like organic cotton, lyocell or tencel. One of the most prominent issues in the fashion industry today is over-production. Over $120 billion of excess material sits in warehouses globally, ending up either burned up or in landfill. Outdated supply chain processes and pressure on buyers causing brands to over produce. It's normal practice to either burn or bury this over production to “save” brand desirability. One of our initiatives at See ROSE Go is to rescue deadstock fabric that would otherwise be destroyed. We’ve partnered with our mill and factory to help us seek out and upcycle the deadstock fabric to reclaim into our best selling silhouettes. Our Reclaimed Collection is made of excess fabrics in order to be eco-friendly, decreasing the environmental impact of wasted material, pursuing the principles of Zero Waste.  

Recycled Packaging 

We know packaging waste is a major concern. So we made the recent shift to more eco-friendly materials to keep product protected while still keeping mother earth in mind.  We made the move from more cost effective poly mailers and raw material tissue to recycled and compostable packaging. As a start up it was easier for us to buy small batch packaging made from poly and customer printed. To be truly committed to sustainability we wanted to move away from poly mailers and using raw materials like tissue paper. Our new packaging includes Kraft mailers made from 90% post consumer paper and are 100% recyclable and compostable. Our cute eco friendly tissue paper is FCS certified, printed with soy-based ink and is acid free paper. Using soy-based ink and acid free paper make the tissue biodegradable and compostable. 

What Does the Future Look Like for Plus Size Sustainable Clothing? 

As the world undergoes a mass mental shift, the plus-size range of fashion is being accelerated to catch up even more so. As we collectively want more from our products See ROSE Go is one of the first plus size brands to actively be present in the sustainable space, offering premium quality, fair prices and sustainable wardrobe options. 

At See ROSE Go we are redefining how plus size clothing should perform by emphasizing quality and sustainability. A wardrobe that last longer and goes further will remain in your closet and not in the landfill. Using reclaimed fabric is another tool we can utilize to create this sustainable wardrobe. Just think of an activewear legging that you can purpose as a pant or a lounge pant, a cardigan that can be your airplane pillow then layering piece for the board room and t-shirts you'll wear over and over again. We believe that beautiful and functional design with staying power is the future. It's time to expect more from how your clothing performs.



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