Our Story

We are See ROSE Go.

A fresh force in modern ready-to-wear.

We are committed to purposeful design, pioneering fabrics, and insight driven feel & fit.

Our clothes are made for living in.

What We Stand For:


Purposeful Design

Each design beings with women in mind. Our clothes are fit for living in, imaginative silhouettes, clean lines and pioneering comfort. We are committed to thoughtful design and innovation, where architectural meets ease and beauty meets performance.

Our clothes fuse form and function in an effortless style so we can concentrate on what makes us go.




Pioneering Fabrics

We select and craft our own fabrics based on in-depth conversation with customers and thorough wear-testing. Our focus is to enhance innovative comfort by addressing concerns with temperature control, pilling, and wear.

Our own patent-pending CoolROSE™ Jersey is made with predominately natural fibers combined with cooling technology which provide women a soft, cooling, drying, anti-pilling and machine washable fabric.



Insight Driven Feel and Fit

See ROSE Go is guided by insights gained through in-depth qualitative research with women wearing a plus size. Our ongoing in person and digital dialogue assures that we are addressing women’s needs and desires.

No shortcuts. No compromises. 

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