To reimagine how clothing should perform in daily life now and in the future, we leverage our Nike know-how to bridge technical performance with timeless versatile styles that last. Beautiful design with technical fabric to elevate every day chic comfort. 


For us, intentional design is where beautiful, comfortable and functional design with staying power come together. Design with simplicity that’s beautiful, versatile and timeless. Design with tech performance that enhances comfort. Design with purpose that solves a problem and elevates everyday experiences. We craft imaginative silhouettes with meticulous detail in uniquely designed pieces that you’ll reach for again and again becoming your favorites to keep for a really long time. But mainly, it means understanding what our customers need. We are passionate and committed to delight you with design so thoughtful you can’t help but feel the love and smile. 


We are experts in technical fabric development. Better clothing should provide a solution, and if it doesn’t exist - we invent it. After a year of listening, speaking and gaining insights with women wearing a plus size, prototyping and wear-testing, we invented a better material called CoolROSE™ Tech. Designed for style and engineered for comfort, CoolROSE™ Tech keeps you cool, dry and chic. Our premium materials allow us to engineer garments that perform better all day, every day. Learn more about CoolROSE Tech and our premium fabrics. 


We are committed to creating a sustainable wardrobe in a responsible, honest and modern approach. Crafted with high quality and purpose our pieces are meant to be worn multiple times a week and beyond seasons. Instead of following seasonal trends, we spend our time elevating favorite go-to pieces made to last in your wardrobe, not in a landfill. We recognize that one well-constructed piece can replace several in your wardrobe. Our sustainable initiatives include partnering with ethical and certified factories, repurposing reclaimed fabrics and recyclable packaging material. Learn more about our sustainable initiatives.  


Our name is recognition of women who inspire us. Women, like you- who are engaged with the world, making an impact and seeking substance that speak to you.  In a culture that focuses on how plus-size women look, See ROSE Go focus on what women do. Take notice! Cheer!


“You have no idea what it is like to shop for my body.”

During a casual catch up with a friend who wears a plus size, she simply stated the above comment. This one sentence was the emotional catalyst that launched a brand. The conversation evolved into her experiences getting dressed in the morning and how poor wardrobe options could effect her emotionally as she was trying to get out the door. As women and as fashion industry veterans, the conversation effected us deeply. With our design and fashion background we were compelled to make a difference by creating a brand that offers new solutions where women feel inspired and included by fashion.

We kept the conversation going by reaching out to more women. At first, we spoke with friends, then colleagues. Soon women started being recommended to us and our network grew. Many coffee dates, glasses of wines and FaceTime calls later, we had met with a diverse group of women who wear size 14 and above. 


Each woman shared her goals, passion, and especially their perspective on fashion, what was missing, what they wanted and how clothing impacted her life experiences.

We reflected on each conversation, writing key statements on Post-Its which wallpapered our wall.
Through the hundreds of insights we collected, we realized we needed to rethink each garment’s purpose, the end in mind, then rebuild from the fiber up. 

This was the beginning of our community-centric commitment. Co-creating with customers is part of our holistic process with on-going focus groups, surveys, fittings and wear testing. These insights keep us hyper-focused on real needs and desires, and allows See Rose Go to consistently drive innovation into material, fit and design.

Leveraging our Nike know-how with technical performance drives us to reimagine how clothing should perform in everyday life. Using intentional design, technical fabrics, and mindful sustainability we create beautiful clothing made to live in, become your favorite, and perform for you -  bringing joy every time getting dressed. Learn more About Us


It is our belief that thoughtful, ingenious clothing brings joy. Now more than ever we strive to bring joy to women by creating favorites through intentional design, technical fabrics and a mindful sustainability. We know surrounding yourself with favorites is a comforting joyful outcome every time, which in this moment, is a treasure.

Forbes recognizes See ROSE Go, "In a culture that focuses on how plus-size women look, Yi Zhou and Erin Cavanaugh focus on what their customers want to do." The focus on action is behind the name See Rose Go, and is integral to our intentional design. Whatever the action, it is our goal to see women embrace their power, chase ambition and make their impact on the world.  


Creative dreamers and determined doer ourselves, we created See ROSE Go with passion and the vision to see every woman thrive. Through Yi’s global creative design leadership at Nike, Converse and American Eagle and Erin’s global merchandising leadership at Nordstrom and NIKE Inc, our fashion expertise is rooted in creating clothing that elevates life experiences. Our personal mission is rooted in finding JOY! 

We are long time friends and colleagues. Our partnership and collaboration thrive because of the trust and respect we have for each other while building our careers and families. We aim to bring this level of support to women in all aspects of our business, from design to manufacturing, to how we build our community. 

Now, more than ever, we are humbled to be doing our part to bring connectivity, community and joy. We are so grateful for all of you who have See ROSE Go in your wardrobe, posted on social and continue supporting us along this journey. 

Excited to do more together!