Pioneering Fabrics

We select fabrics...
based on in-depth conversation with customers and thorough wear-testing.
Our focus is to enhance innovative comfort by addressing issues with temperature control, pilling, and longevity with wear.
CoolROSE™ Jersey is our patent-pending fabric invented for the distinct needs women discussed with us. The fabric has thermoregulating benefits to help maintain a comfortable body temperature, keeping you cool and dry.
The CoolROSE Collection is... 
made from a cotton jersey infused with COOLMAX® technology. Usually cotton garments absorb moisture and hold onto it where we sweat, underarms, back, neck.
COOLMAX® is a patented fiber that pulls moisture away from the body and allows dampness to evaporate into the air.  Our CoolROSE combines technical fiber with the natural breathability of cotton keeping you cooler.
Paired with machine washability and anti-pilling this material frees you to remain focused on your passion and goals. 
The goal...
Each piece in the CoolROSE Jersey collection was purposely designed with women in mind to create an edited collection to help you stay cooler and more comfortable as you achieve, endeavor and GO.
In addition to innovative comfort we included thoughtful elements like reversibility, functional pockets, and garment longevity. 
These pieces are premium, but don’t be afraid to wear it, wash it, dry it! We design beautiful clothing made to live in.
Don't take our word for it...