We are conscious of our consumption, and sustainability is important to us. To be honest, we could all do more. As a start-up we choose to make an impact with our approach to design and how we select materials. We promise to implement further goals within our supply chain and go to market materials as we grow.

We approach design with a timelessness and staying power unprecedented in plus size fashion. In an industry that has been over inundated with fast fashion, See ROSE Go is committed to creating clothing transcending trends and seasons. We do this by standing for iconic fashion silhouettes reimagined through See ROSE Go crafted design that is meant to last in your closet and not in a landfill. 

The founders Erin and Yi have taken steps to select reclaimed materials by working with mills to use fabric leftovers from other company's production. In surmounting pressure to meet sales many companies over produce in an effort to not miss revenue. Then companies destroy what is left to avoid defacing markdowns that hurt brand image. This overage is then either burned or buried. The over production aftermath is a massive problem for many brands in the fashion industry. By selecting reclaimed materials See ROSE Go hopes to find a sustainable use for some of these otherwise wasted materials. Look for the RECLAIMED icon throughout the site to discover designs made with reclaimed material or simply click below to shop the Reclaimed Collection.

In addition to our goals in sustainability, we want to partner with certified factories that are providing fair and ethical treatment. We choose to start with our factories and the #fashionrevolution #imadeyourclothes campaign. To learn more about who made your clothes click here. 

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