We are committed to creating beautiful and sustainable wardrobe in a responsible, honest and modern approach. More than ever the “quarantine of consumption” resulting from the Pandemic is accelerating our purpose-driven, sustainable actions to create beautiful, modern fashion that’s fit for the future. 

There are many solutions to the issues facing our industry and our planet. We chose to begin where we can deliver meaningful impact. We are committed to implement positive change in everything we do from an intentional design process, fabric choice, manufacturer partners and product longevity. 

At See ROSE Go, our design ethos has always prioritized high quality, versatility and longevity. Our designs are meant to be favorite timeless pieces you wear multiple times a week, for years to come. These are quality pieces for a cost-per-wear investment. Within the plus size fashion industry we are the first to approach premium clothing with staying power, quality and fair price point. In an industry that has been over inundated with fast fashion and low quality See ROSE Go sees the need for plus size fashion that transcends trends and seasons. We recognize that one well-constructed and thoughtfully designed piece can replace several in your wardrobe. Buy better. Buy quality.  Wear more with less. 

“We believe that beautiful, comfortable and functional design with staying power is the future. “ - Erin and Yi 

Our approach to mindful sustainability includes quality long lasting construction, Factory and Mill collaboration in our Reclaimed Collection and our recent move to recycled packaging materials. 

Over-production in the fashion industry has become a massive problem contributing to fashion being the #2 polluting industry in the world.  Fabric waste and its environmental impact is a huge issue. Over $120 billion of excess material sits in warehouses globally, ending up either burned or in landfill. We explain deadstock fabric and its impact in more depth in our blog article here. As a key part of our sustainable initiatives we have partnered with our mills and factories to create our REclaimed Collection. Working closely with our partners we are able to seek and curate deadstock fabric or fabric leftover from other company's over-production. Instead of being burned or going to a landfill we rescue and repurpose this fabric into beautiful long lasting clothing, meant to be worn for years. Look for the REclaimed icon throughout the site to discover designs made with reclaimed material or simply click to shop the REclaimed Collection. 

In addition to our goals in sustainability, we only partner with certified factories that are providing fair and ethical treatment to garment workers. We want you to feel as good about wearing See Rose Go pieces as we feel creating them. 

You can learn more about our commitment to the Fashion Revolution and "Who Made Your Clothes" initiatives in the links provided.  


As part of our 2020 sustainable initiatives we fully migrated from poly mailers and raw material tissue to recycled and compostable packaging. Our Kraft mailers are made from 90% post consumer paper, 100% recyclable and compostable. Our cute eco-friendly tissue paper is FCS certified, printed with soy-based ink and is acid free paper. Using soy-based ink and acid free paper make the tissue biodegradable and compostable. Our 2021 initiatives include teaming with our factories to replace our garment poly bags with a safe environmentally friendly solution. Stay Tuned!  

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