Fashion for your wardrobe, not a landfill

We love our planet and we're mindful of the impact we make to the earth and its people. We are committed to creating beautiful and sustainable wardrobe in a responsible, honest and modern approach. More than ever the “quarantine of consumption” resulting from the Pandemic is accelerating our purpose-driven, sustainable actions to create beautiful, modern fashion that’s fit for the future. 

There are many solutions to the issues facing our industry and our planet. We chose to begin with a FOUR part approach where we can deliver meaningful impact in everything we do: from intentional design with lasting quality, using REclaim fabrics, ethical production process, the recycled packagings we use, to participating in the circular fashion economy. 

Our Mindful Sustainability Initiatives 


The best way that each of us can reduce our fashion footprint is by buying fewer things. At See ROSE Go, we are passionate about creating high-quality clothing made to last. Designs that we never grow tired of with quality that stands up to daily wear, looking good after multiple cycles in the washing machine. Iconic silhouettes intentionally designed with a timeless aesthetic and versatility. We fuse beautiful design and technical performance, creating sustainable chic clothing with staying power. We put more thought into the design details and fabrications to ensure longer life with detailing such as double stitching and reinforced seams. We only select the highest quality technical and reclaimed fabrics that are durable with tirelessly wear testing so we know they hold up. 

Our customers are our best to judge- here are some things that they have said about some of our favorite items. 

Within the plus size fashion industry we are the first to approach premium clothing with lasting quality, sustainability and fair price point. In an industry that has been over inundated with fast fashion and low quality See ROSE Go sees the need for plus size fashion that transcends trends and seasons. We recognize that one well-constructed and thoughtfully designed piece can replace several in your wardrobe. No shortcut, no compromises. Ever.

“We believe that beautiful, comfortable and functional design with staying power is the future. “ - Erin and Yi 


Over-production in the fashion industry has become a massive problem contributing to fashion being the #2 polluting industry in the world.  Fabric waste and its environmental impact is a huge issue. Over $120 billion of excess material sits in warehouses globally, ending up either burned or in landfill. We explain deadstock fabric and its impact in more depth in our blog article here. As a key part of our sustainable initiatives we have partnered with our mills and factories to meditate waste by sourcing this excess material, called deadstock fabric. We seek and curate deadstock fabric to be repurposed into our REclaimed Collection, an edited assortment of beautifully designed, versatile and sustainable wardrobe staples to be treasured for years to come. Look for the REclaimed icon throughout the site to discover designs made with reclaimed material or simply click to shop the REclaimed Collection. 



We only partner with certified factories providing fair and ethical treatment to garment workers. We are proud of their process and expertise of superior craftsmanship and construction methods. Our production runs are made in smaller batches to reduce waste and to guarantee a high-quality standard. This slower process allows for meticulous attention to every detail, seam and construction, resulting in a high quality product.You will feel as good about wearing See Rose Go pieces as we feel creating them.

You can learn more about our commitment to the Fashion Revolution and "Who Made Your Clothes" initiatives in the links provided.  



Fashion is the 2nd-most polluting industry, globally. Every second a garbage truck worth of clothing is thrown away. By sharing a fashion piece, we give it a longer life and reduce its carbon footprint.

By selling or wearing just one pre-owned fashion piece, you offset:

41.88 pounds of C02 emissions
21 gallons of water
4.4 pounds of textile waste

We believe it is possible to have a deep interest in fashion and a desire to do better when it comes to our planet and our natural ecosystems. 

Currently, the fashion of today largely becomes the waste of tomorrow. We have partnered with circular fashion platform, AirRobe, to tackle this urgent problem through tech innovation. AirRobe has created a new way to both shop for new AND extend the life of your clothing. You can learn more about how AirRobe works in detail here. In short, you shop on as usual, when you’re ready to add to cart select “Add to AirRobe.” Items will be automatically added to your account to resell or rent later or you’ll be prompted to create an account. Then you just love your See ROSE Go designs forever or when you are ready to love forward to buy more See ROSE Go you are ready with one click.


As part of our 2021 sustainable initiatives we fully migrated from poly mailers and raw material tissue to recycled and compostable packaging. Our Kraft mailers are made from 90% post consumer paper, 100% recyclable and compostable. Our cute eco-friendly tissue paper is FCS certified, printed with soy-based ink and is acid free paper. Using soy-based ink and acid free paper make the tissue biodegradable and compostable. Our 2022 initiatives include moving to use more reclaimed material for a wider selection of the collection, team with a sustainably focused fulfillment center and provide options to further the lifespan of See ROSE Go. Stay Tuned!  

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Actively listening and conversing we hear directly from women regarding their experiences with plus size clothes. We gain hundreds of insights, like the these statements above. Our Community engagement keeps us hyper-focused on real needs and desires. Leveraging our expertise, we use technical performance to reimagine how clothing should perform in everyday life.


We can do this because we are experts in technical fabric development. If a solution doesn’t exist, we’ll invent it. We invented a soft cotton blend fabric called CoolROSE™ , because life demands high performance.

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