About Us

The Beginning

See Rose Go timeless camo cardigan in plus size
During a casual chat with a friend who wears a plus size, she simply stated,“You have no idea what it is like to shop for my body.” This conversation affected us deeply. With our design and fashion background we were compelled to make a difference by creating a brand that offers new solutions.

Our Community  

See Rose Go timeless plus size apparel

We're listening and learning from the women we are creating for at See Rose Go. We don't just rely on data and statistics. We include our customers into the design process with on-going focus groups, fittings and wear testing.These insights keep us hyper-focused on real needs and desires, and allows us to consistently drive innovation into our materials, fit and design. 

Our Designs

See Rose Go timeless tee dress in plus size

Timeless apparel designed with premium material, considered quality and thoughtful innovation. Our meticulous attention to design, combined with your direct insight, ensures each piece is beautifully crafted with you in mind.

The Founders 

Creative dreamers and determined doer ourselves, we set out to create See Rose Go with a vision to support women chasing, achieving, going. Through Yi’s global creative design leadership at Nike, Converse and American Eagle and Erin’s global merchandising leadership at Nordstrom and Converse our experience is rooted in customer service, quality product creation and an innovative design process. 
Friends and colleagues for over 10 years. Our partnership and collaboration thrive because of the trust and respect we have for each other. We aim to bring this level of support to other women in the best way we know how - creating essential clothing with function, ease and beauty. We cheer the achiever, we champion ambitions, and we want to see you go!

XO! Erin and Yi