The Fashion Revolution

The Fashion Revolution campaign is here each April to remind us of the Rana Plaza building collapse in Bangladesh where 1138 people died and another 2500 were injured, making it the fourth-largest industrial disaster in history. See ROSE Go participates taking valuable steps as a brand to be more transparent about who made your clothes, where are they made and how are they made.


Meet Ms. Shen! She is our pattern technician and ensures our fit is on point!

Our founders Yi & Erin founded this brand with the sole purpose and passion for supporting women (#womensupportwomen). Our brand values people who make our clothes with love and passion for their work. Their voice makes a big difference in our whole fashion industry, and we want our industry to be more transparent, equal, fair, and the one that values people. 

Meet Ms. Chou! She is our sewing manager, she is the first person to check your See ROSE Go for quality control!

Being born and brought up in India, I believe there is an extreme lack of opportunities for women in our community, mostly in rural India. According to this Unicef Report most of the women being forced to get married at the early age of 18. They are not allowed to go to school as their sole priority in life is to get married and raise a family. explains that 75 million people work in the fashion industry, 80% are women and most of them face verbal abuse, discrimination, and get low pay at work  This injustice is what inspires me to break the stereotypes and work for a company that genuinely believes in the same cause and supports women.

Sewing underway at our factory partner in Hangzhou, China. This factory was closed for safety throughout January and February due to transportation and state shut down. 

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, the fashion industry needed to be changed. Covid-19 will have a massive impact on the fashion industry bringing changes to the way things used to be. Now the consumer will become more conscious about the quality of their things including where they come from.  We want to know about the supply chain, fabrics and people who make our clothes. Consumers will expect that the brand they are purchasing from is ethical, transparent, and sustainable.

To See ROSE Go it is important to provide dignified work to our team and factory workers, ensuring workers are appropriately paid, and working in a safe condition. We stand united in this positive movement for the global fashion industry and take measures to be more conscious about our choices and decisions. 

I'm curious if the Covid-19 pandemic has made us more aware of where our things come from? As humanity re-sets what it means to be kind - will we pay closer attention to where our clothing is coming from? I know I'll try! But like most things in life, much is determined by budget. What are your thoughts on accessible plus size clothing made ethically? Let me know in the comments. 

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