Sustainable Fashion from Fabrics & Materials to Lasting Looks & Styles

As COVID-19 takes center stage a microscope is placed over what we choose to surround ourselves with - our home, food, wardrobe. It has sparked an awakening in our home as a sanctuary, our food as nourishing, our wardrobe as functional and deliberate. How could we not call into question the sustainability of our choices as resources seem more and more strained everyday. As a consumer coming out of this pandemic I want to take valuable steps to preserve the resources we have, starting with my decisions in the clothes I wear. 

Being a new intern at New York City based See Rose Go I am learning more and more about their brand values, and their support of curvy women wearing plus size clothing and as well as their initiative to sustainability. As a Generation Z person myself, I want to look beyond fast fashion. I seek quality over quantity and longevity over trends, and that's what I see with See Rose Go’s meticulous attention to fabric. Their approach to sustainable fashion  is rooted in creating beautiful clothing that promises craft and durability beyond seasons. Gen Z shoppers like me want a brand story including a solution toward sustainability, and they are becoming ethical about their shopping preferences to buying clothes that give an advantage to our society from durability to fair trade, ethical clothing brands that pay a fair wage to its in-house factory workers in safe working conditions.

See Rose Go is open to admitting more can be done with ethical fashion and sustainable fashion for plus size women, there are overwhelming and costly initiatives a company can take on. As a start-up they choose to start with material along with goals to commit to more. The founders Erin and Yi have taken valuable steps to select reclaimed materials by working with mills to use fabric leftovers from other company's production. Many companies either burn or bury the overstock material under pressure to over produce then destroy what is left to avoid defacing markdowns that hurt brand image. This over production mindset is to not miss sales, but the aftermath is a massive problem for many brands in the fashion industry. By selecting reclaimed materials and using technical and natural fibers, See ROSE Go hopes to keep fabric out of the landfills and in your closet. 

Re-imagined iconic silhouettes from See ROSE Go bring a freshness and delight to modern ready to wear while delivering a sense of timelessness and high-quality we can rely on to last. Add in reclaimed material and these are pieces sure to make you smile. Working in a company that embraces sustainability for plus size fashion makes me proud to be a part of the SRG team. 

Before lockdown, we were obsessed with a need for more. Will this remain the case beyond quarantine? Or will we go the way of quality over quantity like See ROSE Go advocates? The truth is that our behavior is forever changed with the impact of the Coronavirus around the world and who knows when the full effects will be realized. For one thing, I know I will be more selective in what I choose to surround myself with and look to sustainable brands and ethics a lot closer moving forward.

Find out more about See ROSE Go's sustainable styles by viewing our seasonless designs in size range 14-28 including dresses, leggings, t-shirts and more. 

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