"What Can I Do?" - Easy tips to start your sustainable wardrobe

"What Can I Do?" - Easy tips to start your sustainable wardrobe

Hybrid schedules. Heighten values. New Livelihoods. This post pandemic world has caused most of us to place a microscope over the items we choose to surround ourselves. In a sense, it's become more and more about simplicity, quality, and value. It has sparked an awakening, recognizing our home as our sanctuary, our food as nourishing, our wardrobe as functional and deliberate. How could we not call into question the sustainability of our choices as resources seem more and more strained every day? As a consumer coming out of this pandemic and an intern at a fashion brand, I desire to take valuable steps to preserve the resources we have, but how to start? Being a lover of fashion, effective beginning can be the clothes we choose to surround ourselves.

See ROSE Go is the first brand to provide for curvy women wearing plus size clothing who are looking for high quality plus size clothing that is well made and lasts. As a Generation Z consumer myself, I am starting to look closely at my fast fashion choices and its environmental impact as well as on the holistic supply chain. My goal is to place quality over quantity and longevity over trends. See ROSE Go does this with meticulous attention to and conscious selection of their fabrics. Their approach to slow fashion and sustainable fashion is rooted in creating size-inclusive beautiful clothing that promises craft and durability beyond seasons. Generation Z shoppers like myself want a brand reflecting the values we aim to posses. This includes sustainable brands with ethical practices. To add, Generation Z is also looking for sustainable fashion brands that give our society an advantage. We have a responsibility as shoppers (supporting clothing brands with sales) to know if they are committed to fair trade certified practices. With communities depending on the fashion industry for a living, and especially knowing that 3/4 of the worlds garment industry is women,  See ROSE Go ensures their factory partners pay fair wages, supply benefits and safe working conditions. 

"The past three years have taught us to GIVE more generously and utilizing ethical fashion practices is a part of that giving mindset."

There is more that needs to be done to make ethical fashion and sustainability more prevalent in plus size fashion.  It can be overwhelming and costly for even the ethical brand or conscience consumer to take on! There is no perfect answer to zero waste, The best way that each of us can move forward is to ask "what can I do, in my own life, to make the fashion a force for good?" Little by little all our efforts add up from small choices to a big fashion movement. 

Asking yourself "What Can I Do?" - Easy tips to start your sustainable wardrobe:

1. Buy fewer things, buy high-quality clothing made to last. Quality will increase the lifespan of your garment. Quality materials and the construction processes used take expertise and time. Making something built to last often takes more labor hours, skilled workers and certified + ethical manufacturers needed to get the job done well. See ROSE Go founders Erin and Yi started this ethical brand with a design ethos centered on quality and timeless design.  Quality with innovation and versatility that stand up to daily wear. At See ROSE Go, they put more thought into the design details and fabrications to ensure longer life with detailing such as double stitching and reinforced seams. 

"We know we can get by with less and the streamlining feels good."

2. Get creative with what you have. Investing in high quality pieces usually means less in your closet, so you’ll need to re-think how you use everything from activewear to swimwear. There is fun to be had in mixing and matching. Use a swimsuit as a bodysuit, getting creative with how you put items together and find new uses. 

3. Look for brands making a point to use use recycled fibers, dead-stock fabric or eco friendly materials. Girlfriend Collective uses recycled polyester in their activewear, Eileen Fisher collects worn pieces from past collections to reuse, Lux Hack with Design House in Minnesota uses natural fibers, Reformation is made in the USA using factories in Los Angeles to use dead-stock and our own See ROSE Go produces in small batch to reduce waste and has a ReClaimed Collection repurposing wasted material left over from other brands over-production. 

4. Shop secondhand. High quality items will last beyond their first owner! We are so excited at See ROSE Go to see our pieces find a new home to become a beloved favorite for years to come. Inclusive sizing secondhand is difficult to come by. Our partner Air Robe helps take See ROSE Go clothing into the circular economy. sRg is meant to be loved for years to come - but- in the event you are ready to love your sRg forward, Air Robe easily allows you to list your See ROSE to resell.

As a start-up clothing-brand, taking on sustainability is daunting. See ROSE Go choose to start with a mindful sustainable approach to design. It is not about more clothing, but the right clothing and where it comes from. Starting with material - the founders of See ROSE Go, Erin and Yi have taken valuable steps to source and curate dead-stock materials. By partnering with mills, See ROSE Go chooses to use dead-stock fabrics from other company's production and up-cycle the fabrics into desirable minimalist styles. Many companies either burn or bury the dead-stock material. Under pressure to over-produce to meet sales they are often left with over-production, then destroy what is left to avoid defacing markdowns that hurt their brand image. This "over-production mindset" is to not miss sales, but the aftermath is a massive problem for many brands in the fashion industry. By selecting reclaimed materials and using technical and natural fibers, See ROSE Go hopes to keep fabric out of the landfills and in your closet. 

Re-imagined iconic silhouettes by See ROSE Go bring a fresh perspective to modern ready-to-wear while also delivering a sense of timelessness. In an industry that has been over inundated with fast fashion and low quality See ROSE Go sees the need for high quality plus size fashion that transcends trends and seasons. They recognize that one well-constructed and thoughtfully designed piece can replace several in one's wardrobe. No shortcut, no compromises. Ever.  With high-quality materials, we can rely on See ROSE Go that their products will last. These reclaimed materials are pieces that are sure to make you smile! You will feel as good wearing the clothing as they do creating it!  Working for a company that is passionate about sustainable fashion for plus-size women makes me proud to be a part of the See ROSE Go team. 

Besides utilizing sustainable materials and factories practicing ethical fashion business strategies, See ROSE Go has also taken a step forward with packaging. They have sustainable packaging materials you can easily recycle or compost! 

When you receive a package from us, you can be sure that we are a part of the sustainable fashion movement. The fashion industry is changing right before our eyes. The era of unaccountable fast-fashion is declining and ethical fashion brands with a mindful solution are on the rise. 

As a plus-size clothing brand, inclusivity is extremely important to us. This includes the earth! Our earth is kind to us, why shouldn't we be kind back? Our passion for revolutionizing sustainable clothing within the plus-size fashion industry will carry us through. 

Pre-Pandemic, I was obsessed with a need for more. Now, I want less in my life but better. We know we can get by with less and the streamlining feels good. The past three years have taught us to give more and utilizing ethical fashion practices is a part of that giving mindset. The truth is, our behavior has been changed forever due to the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic all around the world. Time will only tell the real effects on the fashion industry, specifically the plus-size community. If I know one thing, it is that I will be more selective in what I choose to surround myself with and look towards sustainable and ethical fashion brands a lot closer moving forward.

Find out more about See ROSE Go's sustainable styles by viewing our season-less designs in size range 14-28 including dresses, leggings, t-shirts and more



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