The Best Plus Size Little Black Dress and Iconic History

The Best Plus Size Little Black Dress and Iconic History

There is nothing more iconic than the infamous “Little Black Dress.” This wardrobe necessity has been done by high-fashion couture designers to large retail chains. As an independently owned plus-size brand, we feel the responsibility to carry on the legacy. Our “Go-To Dress” is the perfect plus size LBD essential. In order to cultivate the perfect plus-size little black dress, we must understand the origins of the iconic silhouette.

The History of the LBD

The Little Black Dress or LBD has been a uniform staple for stylish women everywhere. Although women wore black for years as a mourning color, it reached timeless chic status when Coco Chanel brought the little black dress to the fashion scene in the 1920s. During the 1920s, women had just gained the right to vote which inspired them to take fashion risks. Women cut their hair shorter, revealed more skin, and began to express their sexuality and freedom. By the 30s The Great Depression played a huge role in the history of Coco Chanel’s LBD. Marie Claire Magazine states, “Her timing was perfect. Because the dress was released in the Great Depression era, where simple and affordable was key. Later, during the war, textiles and fabrics were rationed, and the simple black dress remained the outfit of choice, as you could be elegant without breaking the bank.” (Penny Goldstone, July 20 & Goldstone, 2017). 

The political climate has always influenced trends, and the modern, sophisticated Little Black Dress was definitely a byproduct of this revolutionary time. Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel coined the LBD in the ’20s that we now see as a wardrobe staple. Throughout history, we have seen the Little Black Dress appear as a cocktail dress midi dress, long sleeve, short sleeve, prom dress, skater dress, the concept takes many forms! However you like it, the LBDs appeal was cemented in history for its effortless and chic versatility. 

Dress Like a Fashion Icon 

It would be almost impossible to name a fashion icon who hasn't welded the power o the LBD including Audrey Hepburn, Edith Piaf, Betty Boop, and Victoria Beckham she was called Posh Spice for a reason! Though we have seen celebrities throughout every era sport the classic dress, Audrey Hepburn revolutionized the silhouette in the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961). One of the most iconic images from the film features Hepburn in a structured Givenchy Little Black Dress. Her accessories are just as iconic; Audrey is seen with pearls draped around her neck, black opera gloves, and sunglasses. As with any little black dress, the accessories and shoes can be casual or  elevate the look. Vogue put it best, “Even if our morning outfits are not as eccentric as that of Holly Golightly, this emblematic robe etches in our minds the idea that the ‘little black dress’ will never be out of fashion” (Reynaud, 2020). Holly, Audrey Hepburn’s character in the film, made a huge impact on the way that society viewed LBDs; they became wardrobe warriors embodying the free spirit and power. In the 60 Jackie O. helped epitomize the LBD, the 70s brought black mini dresses then of course Robert Palmer's 80s band video "Addicted to Love" red lips + LBDs! The 90s was an endless parade of sexy black dresses galore! Think Elizabeth Hurley's infamous Gianni Versace safety pin dress and Princess Diana's 'Revenge Dress" and any dress Mariah Carey wore to the Grammy's. None of them wore for versatility but definitely making a power statement of confidence and independence.  

Women's Plus-Size Little Black Dress

We all know the LBD is one of the MVPs (Most Versatile Piece) any woman can have in their closet. Elevate the dress for a special occasion or dress it down with sneakers. The iconic wardrobe staple can take on different fabrics and shapes from faux leather to sequins or strapless to wrap dress the piece has been spun every which way. Until now, the plus-size industry remained mostly ignored by premium designers providing quality beautiful design made to last. 

While speaking with women wearing a plus size and designing our own version we believed the best plus size LBD will allow seamless transition from day to night, casual to dressy becoming a wardrobe favorite. Our LBD needed to live up to its calling to be a dependable and go-to in the closet. Something that has been available within straight sizing for decades, however missing the design mark when it came to women's plus size. The result gives our dress its namesake - the Go-To Dress. At See ROSE Go we intentionally design comfortable, versatile, simplistic, and timeless designs that are made to last as favorites, bringing happiness time and time again.  

One story from a woman wearing a plus size stood out to us. While discussing her experience with fashion she told us about a time she was late getting ready for a wedding. Her husband was waiting, urging her to hurry however she simply could not find anything she was happy with and made her feel great. She ended up settling for an old cold-shoulder style party dress leaving her feeling underdressed and not her best. It was a light bulb moment for our founders. Our Little Black Dress had to be the fail-safe, that joyful dependable item you'll love to reach for again and again. But also when in a pinch, our simple beautiful dress will be there for you. Dress it up with heels and accessories like a Holly Golightly, or treat it as a t-shirt dress or pair with a blazer this dress was build to be the best seller and five-star superstar that it is. 

There isn't any place or occasion you can't wear the Go-To Dress; whether it be a zoom wedding, beach, cruise, or bike ride, our pioneering tech fabric adds the benefits of cooling, wicking anti-pilling to our washable fabric. The heavier weight keeps the quality and luxurious look. To add, the silhouette of the garment is extremely flattering. We already think you look incredible just the way you are, but we've also been asked how flattering the dress is with hiding a stomach or “how to hide your tummy.” To help answer fit questions the shape of the Go-To Dress is relaxed through the top and midsection, think a t-shirt dress "T" shape. Then the dress silhouette hugs the right places over the hips to accept a more feminine and flattering share compared to a traditional t-shirt dress. We tailored a ruched pleating detail at the back for a subtle feminine nod while still retaining the ease of a t-shirt dress. 

Every woman needs an LBD that lives up to the Coco Chanel legacy, we believe our LBD goes above and beyond. At See ROSE Go our intentional design process, sustainable methods and technical fabric come together in the perfect LBD for plus-size women. As female entrepreneurs, we love to see women supporting women. Ensuring that our customers embrace their power, sophistication, and ambition in our iconic Go-To Dress is one way we support you - We want to See YOU Go.

Real Reviews from Real Customers

When cultivating the perfect LBD for the plus-size community, the opinion we value the most is YOURS. In order to continue creating pieces made to last, we asked real customers how they felt about the "Go-To Dress." 

"The dress provided comfort along with a nice design which allowed me to travel from place to place and still make a statement. The functionality of the piece is amazing." - Almeta O.

"The back is everything and the zipper in the front in rose gold is the cutest touch"
- Francis 

"I am so pleased with this dress. The material was better than I could have imagined! High quality. Would be great for many occasions! Also true to size and good fit!"
- Callie 

"I love this dress so much! It really is the perfect LBD. It's very versatile, can be dressed up or dressed down. Highly recommend."
- Kenya E.

Power Dressing 

A little black dress is a perfect way to kick off Women's History Month! Whether it be a maxi dress, midi, bodycon, a-line, and have ruffles or chiffon, make sure you wear what makes you feel powerful. Valerie Steel once said, "Power dressing is combat gear for the trip to the top." No matter what your dreams are made of, YOU are the only one who can make them come true. When you look good, you also feel good. LBD's are highly functional power uniform of choice. Many women sport them at the office or even running errands around the neighborhood. An LBD is a staple in every woman's closet and is now seen as a power statement. Whether it is in the business world or at home, a little black dress is your armor. However, you are the real power! At See ROSE Go, our "Go-To Dress" is a wardrobe necessity. We already know you are a girl boss, why not dress like it?  

There is a reason that the little black dress has been so iconic throughout history up until the present date. This design sensibility has been embraced by Coco Chanel, Christian Dior and adapted by off-duty street style like Alexander Wang. Now, it is time for the accessibility to be amplified in the plus-size fashion community. Not only is it chic, versatile, and timeless; there is a feeling of empowerment one gets from wearing an LBD. Fashion is not about the physical garment on your body, it is about how you feel wearing it. At See ROSE Go, we want women to feel comfortable, confident, and powerful in our Go-To Dress. Spring is approaching; make the Go-To Dress your wardrobe warrior for today (then just add leggings later!) The simplicity of the LBD is its legacy. Keep it easy and wear what makes you feel great. 


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