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Jess Joiner of @jesspeachie in See Rose Go plus size minimal essential clothing


Jessica is a woman with her eye on the ball and head in the clouds. She is one to watch as she turns her dreams into reality. We each possess a grounded desire to make, whether our own PSL recipe, homemade Halloween costume or that ambitious pottery class. Some ignore it or suppress it, citing time limitations or doubts of success. See Rose Go Lovers pursue it.

We are inspired by Jess' desire to push her own career exploration while pursuing her need to create. How does she stay motivated?!

SRG: Tell us about your path and where you are today?

JJ: I was born in the suburbs outside of Atlanta. And while I loved the city, I knew I wanted to see more and do more. So, when it came down to choosing between Savannah College of Art and Design and Pratt Institute. I chose Pratt. I studied graphic design and advertising art direction. And I did as much as I could to work creative writing into my class schedule. Through the guidance of some really awesome professors I realized copywriting was a way for me to combine the things I was drawn too. It’s a fun, creative job where I face new puzzles and challenges everyday. And it’s been awesome to see things that I’ve concepted and written come to life in the real world. I’ve also recently been able to find more balance to pursue my own personal writing and venture into ceramics. I’m a creative person so making things just feels right.

SRG: What gets you motivated when you feel tapped out creatively? 


JJ: I have such an awesome network of friends who are so creative, ambitious, and brave in their own right. They’re farmers, engineers, designers, nurses, and so much more. I’m inspired by them constantly. Even though some of them are on the other side of the world, I try to stay connected. Seeing their successes and cheering them on puts the pep back in my step.Jessica Joiner of @jesspeachie wearing See Rose Go plus size innovative essentials SRG: What do you love most about living in NY, does it effect your writing?

JJ: The energy here is EVERYTHING. There is so much to do. And even when you think you’ve done it all (which is impossible) there’s a million new things to try. The exploration is endless here. I think that definitely effects my writing day to day. This is a cultural hub and that mix of culture and influence comes through in my professional and personal writing. 

SRG: Are you proof reading our grammar now?  ; ) 

JJ: Honestly, I wasn’t until I got here… And I’ve got to let you know that proofreading is one word. But really so much of my job is writing the way people talk and being colloquial. So I’m never a crazy stickler for grammar unless its so bad you can’t understand the message. 

SRG: HA! Love it, thanks for the correction : )  

Jessica Joiner of @jesspeachie wearing See Rose Go plus size innovative essentials

SRG: Describe your personal style in 3 words?


JJ: That is kind of hard because I feel like it changes everyday. But if I had to say…I’m drawn to pieces that are Trendy, Unique, and Bold. 

SRG: What is your biggest fashion challenge when getting dressed and how do you get past it?

JJ: I think my biggest fashion challenge is more of a mental challenge of looking in the mirror and feeling off. Feeling like nothing fits the way I want it to. Feeling like my hair isn’t laying right. Or an outfit won’t come together the way I envisioned. Feeling like nothing I put on will work. When I feel like that I go to clothes that I know are simple and classic. I’ll throw on a tee like the “My Favorite Tee” and black jeans and a moto jacket and feel ready for anything. 

SRG: Complete this sentence. I last felt inspired when I traveled to ___________ .

JJ: South Africa! We spent the majority of our time in Johannesburg and snuck in a trip to Cape Town. It was the first time traveling to a majority black country. Which, as a black woman, is a complete change of pace. It seemed obvious to everyone that we were American, but there was also an overwhelming sense of kinship. My friends and I made a point to really see the culture and learn about the history of South Africa. We met so many warm and friendly people that helped guide our trip. And I left feeling a sense of community with a completely new piece of the world. It was such a dynamic, beautifully colorful place and a trip that gave me so much energy.

SRG: What’s next for you? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Wildest dream scenarios encouraged! 

JJ: Wow. Way to really stir up the quarter-life, existential crisis. Kidding (kind of). There are so many options in my mind of things I could find myself loving. But I think wildest dreams… I’ll be making a palpable impact on the state of marginalized bodies through working in fashion or media. Whether that means styling, modeling, media representation, or writing. I remember when I first got into advertising I set out with the intention to change the perception of women in media. And I’ve had some opportunities, few and far between, to do that through my work. Recently, I’ve been really tapping into that and it’s given me more fire. 

SRG: At See Rose Go we champion a woman’s passion, we want to see her go. How have you been supported lately and how have you supported another woman?


Jessica Joiner of @jesspeachie wearing See Rose Go plus size innovative essentials

JJ: As cheesy as is sounds I feel supported by the women who are constantly putting themselves out there in the name of representation. Women who do the work to make sure other women, like me, know that there is space and they are allowed to fill it. 

 And as for me… It’s been a worrisome and trying time politically. So I recently sat down to write a thank you to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. For her bravery in defending the truth and by doing so empowering women to do the same. It’s so important, especially now, that we lift each other up.

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Photographer: Suzanne Rensink 

Model: Jessica Joiner

Leather moto jacket, shoes and accessories are models own.

Jessica Joiner of @jesspeachie wearing See Rose Go plus size innovative essentials


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