I Am Rose - Meaghan O'Connor

I Am Rose - Meaghan O'Connor

See Rose Go Plus Size Street Style as seen on Meaghan O'Connor and Photograph by Lydia HudgensAs our final installment in our NYFW Street Style series we interview Meaghan O’Connor - celebrity stylist, influencer, consultant, business woman, friend, sister, aunt, daughter, the list goes on. Meaghan is so relatable because, like us, she encompasses so many dimensions. Meaghan is the true personification of See Rose Go. An optimist chasing down dreams, goals and to-do’s with that joie de vivre enthusiasm. The best part about Meaghan - she’s a connector and a supporter. She wants everyone to succeed and she goes out of her way to make it happen. We’d love for you to get to know Meaghan and her mantra a little more… 

SRG: Can you describe your path and what brings you to where you are today?

Meaghan: OH what a path its been! We'd need a bottle of wine for all the good details, but long story short- when I lost my job in finance back in 08, I drove cross country with my best friend from college and had a very lifetime movie inspired soul searching moment where I realized fashion was where I need to be. I had big dreams.. fashion magazines, clothing stores etc. but needed money and needed to get started on something, so I began my personal styling business (solely based online and really built primarily on word of mouth). From there, everything else just fell into place.. and here we are, 10 years later :) 

SRG: Describe your earliest memory of being interested in fashion.

Meaghan: Fashion has always been a part of my life. Not only was my grandmother a casting director in the industry, and fashion forward in her own right, but I remember at an early age being taught the importance of looking good, presenting your best self. My mom made it a point to always make sure we were dressed head to toe- so it was sort of a second language since I was a kid. Mix that with a healthy obsession of dress up and barbie styling and I guess fashion was always somewhat meant to be for me! 

SRG: Why do you think street style is important to fashion culture and why is it important for people to see diverse street style?

See Rose Go Plus Size Street Style as seen on Meaghan O'Connor and Photograph by Lydia Hudgens

Meaghan: Fashion is often portrayed as aspirational and/or fantasy. But fashion is also meant to be fun!  It's eclectic and creative, and the images put out within the space should reflect that. Street style is the anecdote to the fashion industry's lacks of representation. The uniqueness of each individual takes the lead, with the fashion ringing in as secondary. The conversations surrounding street style are as much about the inclusivity and diversity than about the ability to translate a trend or express oneself through style.   

One of the biggest things I try to accomplish in my work as both a stylist and influencer is to blend runway trends into everyday life. It's important to me that fashion feels accessible, because I found such happiness in expressing myself through dressing that I have always wanted to ensure someone else was able to obtain that same sense of fulfillment. 

Diverse street style means representation, and that is ultimately what its all about!

SRG: What is your personal style most influencer by?


Honestly, I'm influenced by everything that brings me joy. I always say "when you look good, you feel good". But it goes both ways. When you feel good, you look good. And so my personal style is usually influenced by things that make me feel good and bring me joy..... 

Travel, film, music, family/friends, peers. 

SRG: At See Rose Go we champion a woman’s passion, we want to see her go. How have female friends, colleagues, or strangers made a difference in your own path toward a passion or goals?

Your support system is paramount. I don't think I would be where I am today had I not had such an incredible group of people in my corner. I hold my mixed bag of family/friends/colleagues/peers close to my heart because I learned a long time ago the importance of surrounding yourself with people who will inspire and uplift you. So I choose to surround myself with impressive, strong willed, intelligent women who keep me inspired and on my toes! 

SRG: Your days are full working as a successful celebrity stylist and influencer. What are your 5 “must-haves” for a productive day? 

Great question!  

1. A positive attitude! 

I start every day with a few morning prayers/mantras that keep me focused, humbled and grateful. 

2. A big cup of coffee! 

I honestly wish I didn't rely so heavily on the stuff but hey - there are worse things! I will never fully understand non coffee drinking morning people. Like, what? 

3. A list! A plan! Or something close to it! 

My job is chaotic, fast paced and always changing. I need to be able to adjust accordingly, on the fly, but I also need to have a game plan. Keeping a loose schedule helps me stay on track and allows me to keep an eye on moving parts and missing tasks on a never ending to do list! 

4. Charged devices! 

Listen. There is NOTHING more stressful than being at 5% battery and having to schedule a messenger for a pickup, order a Lyft, email a pull request and download a mood board all within the next 5 minutes. I've been there. I've lived to tell the tale. I'm never going back to that dark place again.... heed my advice! 

5. Lipstick & A pair of sunglasses! 

My grandmother NEVER left home without sunglasses and lipstick..... a trademark move that I've made my own. 

I could be in a ratty t shirt and jeans running from showroom to showroom, but with a swipe of lipstick and a pair of sunglasses I can transform into simple, laid back, instant polish! 

SRG: What’s next? Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Wildest fantasies and dream scenarios are accepted!! 

Meaghan: Who knows?!?! Styling, for sure! I love my job! 

But real talk: I would like to diversify my styling, expand my client roster, do more style expert / influencer work via video and on-air appearances, maybe do a collection one day! Honestly, wherever I end up, I know I'll be happy, grateful and sipping a glass of wine! So it's looking good :) 

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See Rose Go Plus Size Street Style as seen on Meaghan o'Connor and Photograph by Lydia Hudgens

See Rose Go Plus Size Street Style as seen on Meaghan O'Connor and Photograph by Lydia Hudgens



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