The T-Shirt: An American Icon


The T-Shirt: An American Icon

The T-Shirt. That ubiquitous item that fills our drawers. It is everything from a freebie shot out of a canon, a worn-in vintage score, the range of grey heather T’s we can't live without and of course, that coveted perfect white tee. We all know and love our comfy T-Shirt as the foundation of modern fashion today. But have you ever wondered about its humble journey?  Rising from undergarment to an American icon in fashion culture, the T-Shirt is living the dream. What better time than Spring to focus on this wardrobe heroine.

For a much storied item it is young, only dating back to the 19th century, when workers would cut their jumpsuits in half for functionality and cooling comfort. The name “T-shirt” is derived from the letter “T shape” appearance of the garment. The top part being long enough to tuck under their bottoms. In 1898 the US Army and Navy began issuing them as undershirts. Later they were being used by men in the summer looking for lighter fabrics and young boys looking for inexpensive options.   By the 20th century the style was adopted in classic American cinema. Who could forget Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire and James Dean’s game changer white t-shirt, coupled with denim, in Rebel without a Cause. These guys basically cemented T-shirt’s fashion fate. Off. The. Charts. It was an eyebrow raising move at that time as before that the T shirt was only considered underwear. Wearing as a main outer piece the T-Shirt became automatically correlated with a political statement of rebellion.  

By the 60s screenprinting was a new innovation helping the T-shirt become a blank canvas for people to convey powerful messages through graphics and slogans. By now the T-Shirt is synonymous with the rebellious spirit by providing a platform for messaging especially to challenge the status quo during the 60s and 70s.

Today, the trendy T shirt is a staple in every American wardrobe, and we cannot imagine it otherwise. Spring wardrobe essentials include the perfect tee as a must have, but while speaking with and listening to curvy women wearing plus size clothing, we heard finding the perfect plus size T-Shirt was a challenge for this body type and shape. The Favorite Tee would become our first design. Our high-quality tee was crafted based on direct insight from women desiring their own iconic T-Shirt in plus size bringing our beautiful design to the modern blank canvas.

A T-shirt in its purest form has become the most democratic wardrobe piece and an item for self-expression. A must have for any plus size capsule wardrobe if you're looking to add new pieces. The great thing about a t-shirt is that it can go with so many other items of clothing, such as a blazer, cardigan, jeans, leggings and more. They are also great pieces for layering. Whether v-neck, button-front, or crew neck the t-shirt is here to stay. 

The classic white T-Shirt remains a key element of the quintessential casual-cool uniform of the American dream. To us at See ROSE Go the T-shirt represents a sense of blank canvas, creativity, freedom and rebellion. Great for casual outfits and for personal styling. What do you want your T-shirt to say about you?

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