Plus Size Tunic Tops To Wear with Leggings

Plus Size Tunic Tops To Wear with Leggings

Leggings are the best. Not since denim has become ensconced in wardrobes has the world seen such an optimal bottom. Yes the legging is on its way to icon status. Love it or hate it, they mimic the versatility and age defying fashion of denim but have skinny jeans beat on the one very important front, COMFORT. Over 40 or a toddler - who can deny the allure of a nice soft pair of stretchy leggings. Pair that power with the equally non-fussy but polished presence of a tunic shirt and you have one iconic duo. Like PBnJ, Sonny and Cher, Cher and Dion! Tunic tops and legging were born to be together. Wearing an easy plus-size tunic with leggings doesn't mean you can't be chic and sophisticated. Easy and comfy does not only frump make. If leggings are a staple in your wardrobe but you are looking for more ways to wear - read on.

Both tunics and leggings come from a foundation in male clothing and are deeply rooted in fashion history. The tunic is a little older being worn for millennia. Long sleeve,short sleeve,henley tunic, Peplum, ruffle or cold shoulder this historic garment as seen-it-all. In Ancient Greece, a loose fit tunic shirt was the main style in a wardrobe, worn by both men and women with one main difference being the stitching of the garment. Women’s tunics were typically gathered at the shoulder in an ornate way resembling dainty buttons. The men’s tunics were more simply stitched together. Typically these ancient tunic tops were made with natural fibers like linen and wool and were cut into a v-neck shape. Even children wore tunic dresses, and their swing tunics were often decorated with different colors and embellishments. 

The first known appearances of leggings were on men in 14th-century Scotland. Initially, the leggings were two separate, hip height, boot-like garments made of either tough leather or chainmail. Obviously not the comfy black leggings we know today. These apparatuses were made for rough and tough casual debauchery or more likely military action. They eventually evolved into thick garments, like tights, that men wore under their cotehardies during Renaissance times (think Shakespeare in Love.)

Leggings remained a predominantly male trend up until the 19th century when women began wearing iterations of their own. By the time Lycra was invented and Olivia Newton John sang "You're the one that I love! ou-ou-ou-Honey!" It was all over - an iconic trend was born. 

The tunic and legging comfort and adaptability to any trend or classic style is part of the garment's longevity in fashion. This past year we've seen the tie dye trend of 2020 lockdown and our own more timeless long sleeve tunic top with button down shirt style.

Finding the best plus size top to wear with leggings depends on your style and comfort- but if you need a helping hand to get started, here are some suggestions. As in any look, subtle details can make all the difference between like it or love it!

Guide to women's plus size tunic tops with leggings

1. First, we are big proponents of wearing what makes you feel your power and beauty. Wearing a tunic top with leggings is one of the most versatile outfits one can put together. Its ease also makes it omnipresent, they both can seem monotonous and mundane. We say go for it, try new things. 

2. As we style looks with leggings and tunic we consider the hemline of the tunic shirt and length of the legging to check proportion looking for a streamline from head to toe. 

Wearing a long tunic shirt with longer leggings gives the body the allusion that you are taller, like wearing heels. Vice versa, wearing a shorter tunic top with cropped leggings, this also has the same effect on the body. This is all based on perception of lines and pattern - Again - you like what you like - go with it. 

3. Back to basics: Black leggings will act the same as dark denim giving more versatility. Even more functionality is a pair with tech performance benefits that seamlessly transition from work out to the boardroom.

4. To accent curves try long tops and tunics that gather at the waist, has pleated detail like our Go-To Dress or add a belt to accent feminine lines. After the last year we’ve had our bodies all deserve to be celebrated, so play up those curves.

5. Try different necklines. Show off décolletage with a flattering V-neck, scoop neck, or boat neck. Timing and trends couldn't be better for this. The Cut Out trend is coming in hot for Summer 2021. The Peek-a-boo Tunic Shirt is a great way to try this trend in a crew neck tunic silhouette. 

6. Wearing fresh prints is good way to update the legging tunic combo.  Combining prints is a huge Summer trend for 2021. Its all game.  Paisley, stripes and vintage florals all made their way down the runway in SS21 Collections. When layering a print tunic with print leggings, consider proportion again. Pair a tiny print with a larger sale print, or a dark ground with a light ground for balance.

We are often asked about plus size tunic tops to wear with leggings. We love tunics as much as the next women but have landed two styles as go-to tunic favorites. The Signature Tunic Shirt offers a button down style. We want this to fit relaxed but not baggy. It can be worn as a dress, button down shirt, over a t-shirt as a duster or even as a swim cover-up. Versatile is king. Our Signature Tunic Shirt was created to be a chameleon, adapting to personal style providing a blank canvas for you to enjoy.  We crafted this piece to be functional and sustainable so that you can love this tunic shirt for years to come.

The second tunic style is the Peek-a-boo Tunic Shirt, offering a little more moxie and trend in the cut out detail at the chest. Still an essential long sleeve silhouette, it is also a tunic length with a high low hem. A high low hem is a shirt hemline slightly longer in the back vs the front. Offering more coverage over the backside and a more polished look. 

Finding the perfect plus size top for leggings is the same for all women. Know what you like then find balance with the perfect style. Though there are some tips and tricks to extenuate body shape, we recommend you wear what you love, helps you to embrace your power and have fun trying new things. The next time you are getting dressed, reach for that storied tunic and legging combo, then help it live up to its history.

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