Wanderlust: Enjoy More and Do Less

Wanderlust: Enjoy More and Do Less

Photographer, creative producer and avid adventurer, Iwona Alfred takes us along on her travels to share with us the timeless beauty and hidden secrets of Portugal. This month we are taking time to enjoy more, by doing less. Savor the slow down with Iwona's visual journal.

What does a sense of travel mean to you? 
It is the adventure and the thrill of discovering something new I have never seen before. I love it and seek it out. 
                                                                            Wearing The Favorite Tee in White
Most memorable moment?
While soaking in a locale scene I sat down on an outdoor staircase. A lovely street musician played Cesária Évora for me. I couldn't understand the words, rather than dictate to me, he advised I create my own which I wrote in my journal...
Wearing The Favorite Tee in White
When did you feel most inspired? 
The most inspiring moments include the time I spent with Lisboans, who are of very diverse backgrounds and perspectives.  Also being on the coast, seeing the beauty of cliffs and landscapes of the Portuguese coast, you can't help but feel inspired. 

Wearing Essential Tunic Shirt-Tech in White
Essential Tunic Shirt-Tech in White
Wearing the Favorite Tee in White
Favorite places to visit in Portugal?
Alfama, a hilly old town with serpentine cobblestone streets, and Cacais, a lovely coastal town just 40 mins train ride from Lisbon. PS: make sure to experience Fado music and step in to a few jazz clubs.
Next destination?
India! (for the third time!)
Coastal series photographs by @ruiraposo_photographer


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