Thank you Dad: Lesson Learned

Thank you Dad: Lesson Learned

In celebration of Father's Day we asked fellow See Rose Go team members about lessons leaned from dear old Dad. His example has purposely and inadvertently shaped us as leaders, entrepreneurs, friends, wives, mothers, sisters, women.

From our early roots, who would have thought these seemingly very different children from various backgrounds and geographical locations would someday connect to create and build the future of See Rose Go while carrying forth our Father's legacy.  

Yi and Dad

Yi, age 6 in Qingtian, China with her Dad Timeng. Little did she know that Dad was taking the family on a life changing journey to another country on the other side of the globe, The Netherlands. Along the way, Dad taught the little Yi values of creativity, perseverance and the passion of pursuing ones’s dream.  

“No matter where you go in the world, go after what your heart tells you to” - Timeng, Yi’s Dad.

Plus size brand See Rose Go team and the Dad's that support them  

Madeline and Dad 

As an underwater engineer, professional diver, and a father, my father has faced multiple challenges and hardships. However, he always taught us to face the fear in life with no fear. I learned how to be a problem-solver, how to encourage myself when nobody believes me, and I also learned that no matter what, he will always support me.


“Try to conquer the things that you are terrified the most; even the result isn’t as pleasant as you’ve assumed, all is well because you will grow stronger afterward.” -Jimmy GuoChung Cheng, Madeline’s father.

Madison and Dad

My Father has pushed me to boldly and intently follow my dreams! He is my greatest supporter and closest confidant. The piece of wisdom that he has passed along to me is to never push things off to tomorrow, as you never know what the next day holds; as it too, will have many daily assignments and even surprises. 

I wake up to a daily morning text from my Dad reading…

“Good Morning, Daughter!! Be Bold, Be Brave, and Be Yourself!!” 

It is the best start to every day and a Father/Daughter tradition that I hold close to my heart! 

Love you, Daddy!

Erin and Dad 

In this photo I am 7 years old on a family trip with my Grandparents to Lake Pepip, Minnesota. As one of 6 children, one on one photos are rare! However I always felt important and loved growing up. Can you guess which one is me? How my dad (back row, holding my brother) and mom (back row, next to my dad) raised 5 strong, intelligent women is a treasury of so many things! As a foundation, it was important we had thought process to make good decisions while being a person for others. I think my siblings may each name something different as a key learning from Dad that has further shaped their own personhood. For me, seeing him grow his own successful business inspired my own start-up mentally! He treats personal interaction as an opportunity to leave a person more joy filled and inspired, even if he is admonishing (from personal experience.) I love many things about my dad, he is a philosopher, a man of conviction and the quintessential people person. I'd like to think I take after a fraction of his example, especially his sense of connecting - putting people and authentic actions first.

 - I'm bottom left, stylish green polo sans pants : ) 


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