The Perfect Tee Color - Grey Heather

The Perfect Tee Color - Grey Heather

Grey is the color of complexity– it's everything that falls in between the absolutes of black and white. Ambiguous and impartial, grey can be easily overlooked for its importance, but it's a color we all LOVE to wear. Let’s take a deeper look at the symbolism and meaning of grey. 

They physical effects of grey are less pronounced than other colors. In fashion grey is the perfect neutral. Black attracts heat. White shows stains. Grey is the moderate in between that can bring together any color palette. That bright neon tee becomes more casual when paired with grey. What to wear with a leopard print skirt? Ah yes - grey. Even less committed is a grey heather. A heather fabric refers to a soft, muted color caused by blending different fibers into one yarn.

The Great Negotiator

Typically grey is symbolic for compromise, elegance, cool and like a fog, a bit mysterious.  The great negotiator. Grey is the color of intellect and wisdom. Like knowledge that is acquired with age and goes hand-in-hand with gray hair ; ) Grey is perceived as classic, refined, dignified and conservative. We often think of grey as solemn and depressed, the color of drab business suits. Not so, its just not a color of extremes. A diplomatic color it finds the middle ground. A reasonable agreement between hues. Meaning - a grounding must have for any wardrobe. 

Grey in fashion history gets a twist - literally - when grey heather makes an entrance as a popular fabric in sports apparel. Grey heather was the go-to heather for athletic training apparel in the 1920s-1950s because of its non-association with sport teams. See?! diplomatic! It wasn’t until more recent times that professional and college teams began to build franchises and sell merchandise making the big bucks. 

Grey heather today gives a cool vintage vibe adopted by high end fashion like Kenzo and Isabel Murant. Take our below quiz to test your knowledge of Grey. (Scroll down for Quiz answers.)

1. Complete this sentence: Heather fabric is ___________.

A. Created by blending different color fibers into one soft yarn.

B. Only made with organic cotton yarn.

C. Named after Heather Locklear.  

2. Grey symbolizes:

A. Intellect and compromise. 

B. Diplomacy, negotiating between black and white. 

C. Conservative, elegant, and cool. 

D. All the above 

3. Grey heather was the initial color of vintage sportswear because it was not affiliated with a sport team. 

True or False  

4. Who said this: “A grey day provides the best light”

A. Leonardo da Vinci 

B. Quinten Tarantino 

C. Donna Karan

5. You can have too many grey heather T shirts.

True or False 

For moments you're stuck negotiating your closet, reach for your Grey Heather Coolest T-Shirt.



 Scroll down for Quiz answers...





1. A

2. D

3. True

4. A

5. False


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