Go To Plus Size Summer Looks

Go To Plus Size Summer Looks

Now that summer has landed our wardrobes can use a dose of energy. We're over the hate-wearing (i.e wearing leggings you hate but keep wearing them because they are there and you don't have anything else.) Spring Summer Fashion is delivering on the optimism with pattern, ruffles and skin revealing designs. If you prefer a minimal styling approach we are here to serve up summer outfit ideas as mainstays to your summer style.

From a color palette perspective, nothing conveys all the wanderlust feelings of summer like white. Sure, Black is elegant but is also attracts heat.  Not so great during the hot and steamy months. White on the other hand ushers in cool, crisp feels. We all know the "No White After Labor Day" rule. And we all know to ignore fashion rules, right!?  Going back to the early 19th century upper crust New Yorkers would escape to vacation homes during the unbearable summer heat. While at their summer homes it was customary to wear white.  Meanwhile, the lower class industrial workers who stayed behind in the city would carry on in practical dark work clothes.  Masking any dirt or waste that might be in the air.  As time went on, the practice of wearing white continued. Old money families would distinguish themselves from new money families who didn’t know that white was only to be worn during the summer while away at country homes. In the 1950s, most people had heard about this practice, but that didn’t stop fashion icon Coco Chanel from wearing white year round. As iconic as her Little Black Dress is, she would also wear white suits that had a little flecks of black in them. Wearing a white suit is a fearless statement.  You don’t need to wear a white suit as a summer look but you can create the same fearless effect with monochromatic white items. Opt for a comfy chic plus size white tee, (The See ROSE Go Coolest T-shirt offers reversible necklines) pair as a two-piece with white denim shorts or long satin midi skirt for textural interest. 

Summer Looks with Quality Designed T-Shirts

Beyond white, the perfect tee is the staple that keeps on giving. When done right, a well designed tee will last years. Which is a bonus for your wallet and the environment. According to Roadrunner, New York City alone wastes more than 400 million pounds of clothes each year. When you wear See ROSE Go Coolest T-Shirt, you can feel as good as you look knowing we have tested our tee quality to last with accredited appeal lab QIMA.  


Now that you have the perfect T-shirt the summer outfit ideas are endless. Backyard BBQs mean tee + denim shorts or rugged cut offs. For a trip to the MoMA a more chic summer outfit is in order. Pair a tee with a skirt for instant upgrade. A skirt is just as comfortable but looks like more effort. A pleated pencil skirt like our Cheeky Skirt accents femininity with fluid draping hugging curvy shapes in all the right places. 

You can't have summer without easy breezy summer dresses. Summer 2021 is no exception, from date night to work to home dresses are now center stage. While you can get a flowy nap dress, maxi dress, maxi skirt or wrap dress to add on to your summer looks, when building a plus size summer capsule there are two must have dresses. First up: an iconic and effortless tunic shirt dress and secondly, a dependable LBD. The importance on these items in a plus size women's wardrobe made them imperative to get just right in our own assortment. 

The Signature Tunic Shirt was crafted to be multi purpose as a tunic shirt, a non-fussy cover up over swimsuits, but also perfect as an oversized shirt summer dress. Crafted with REclaimed cooling poplin this style has comfort, timeless style and sustainability in mind. This fabric has cooling and wicking features for body-heat regulation and a deep-back pleat for easy arm mobility. The Signature Tunic Shirt is a modern version of the iconic white button down, a true classic beyond seasons. Style yours effortlessly with a pair trendy summer sandals.

We set out to create a machine washable pieces easy enough to walk the dog and chic enough to wear to a wedding. The result is the The Go-To LBD as the glorified t-shirt dress of stylists dreams! This short sleeve dress is both functional and effortless. Crafted in our CoolROSE™ Tech, the Go-To LBD elevates comfort with cooling, wicking, ANTI-pilling, and machine washable ease. We have seen it worn with trendy thigh high boots and classic Chanel flats. This one transcends time and weather. 

Timeless Looks for Summer Days & Nights

Now that we have the basics covered, the rest are add-ons. On a breezy night or more transitional weather when Fall does come, add a blazer, long sleeve camo jacket or kimono cardigan or classic trench coat.

We know that it might take some time to find the perfect women's clothing to fit your body type. As we come out of the pandemic and return to spending time with friends and family, the right outfit will leave you feeling comfortable and confident. Whether it's our Coolest T-Shirt, Signature Tunic Shirt, or the Go-To LBD, we hope you find the perfect piece(s). Quality and timeless plus size clothing is our passion and we love sharing that with you. This summer, let our plus size summer outfits be an inspiration you keep in mind as you get back into the world and shine <3 


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