Revenge Travel Front of Mind for Summer 2021, Fall, Winter & Onwards

Revenge Travel Front of Mind for Summer 2021, Fall, Winter & Onwards

Que the passports, your easy-off-TSA-shoes and travel size products. Coronavirus pandemic restrictions are dissipating and life post lock down is underway. On our collective minds? TRAVEL, stretching legs, shaking off stagnant air, making new friends and hugging old ones.  The getaway we’ve been dreaming about during last years pandemic is literally click click clicks away. Now, it has been a minute. Let’s talk about some travel plan tips and hacks to deal effectively with this mad sense of wanderlust. The Summer of 2021 is all about Revenge Travel.  What is revenge travel? According to Forbes, revenge travel pertains to the heightened eagerness and dedication to travel. People have saved funds, vaccination numbers are on the rise, we’re a bit stir crazy and more than ready to see friends and family we’ve missed over the last 18 months. Whether you’ve ventured out lately or this is your first time hitting the road in a while, travel these days is constantly changing. The recent uptick in the travel industry makes for a packed road. Stay ahead of the crowd with simple travel hacks, we surveyed the See ROSE Go staff for their tried and true post pandemic travel tips. 

Our friend IwoNa on the Southern Coast of Portugal wearing the Signature Tunic Shirt 

Searches for travel in May 2021 was up 270% compared to May 2020 according to Google Searches. This pent-up demand is causing people to head to social media for inspiration on the latest travel trends. Whether you are ready to splurge, or want to stick to a more budget-friendly trip, get ready to make up for lost time... aka revenge travel!

How to Plan Your Revenge (Travel, that is) & Where To Go

First make sure you research any travel restrictions. International travel is back and most countries have gotten rid of lockdown restrictions. To give American travelers some ideas, these countries are allowing vaccinated Americans to enter without quarantining - Barbados, Ecuador, Iceland, Israel, Poland, Croatia and Guatemala. Other countries will allow travelers with current negative tests, those being the Bahamas, Costa Rica, Kenya, Mexico, Peru and Turks and Caicos. Some trending destinations include the picturesque beaches of Greece, the Caribbean and Hawaii. Picturing those wide open blue skies, ahhhhh. Throughout the summer, countries will most likely update their regulations, so the best source of information is that country’s tourism website.

Our friend @mackidcharlinde in her CoolROSE Tech Go-To LBD in Mexico 

With so many travelers looking to revenge travel, expect prices to climb. When researching flights book no later than three weeks before your departure. (Unless you’re willing to take a gamble on last min deals.) Prices have been spiking in the two weeks before a flight’s departure. Typically the cheapest days to fly are Tuesday and Wednesday.  Our co-founder Yi's priority hot tip, "Use a different browser to purchase the flight versus the research. I always research on my computer then use my husband's to make the final purchase." According to, airlines track your personal data through cookies, then show higher prices each time you check back on flights. You’ll see higher prices for the same flights you previously looked at. Be a pro and research flights from a private browser.

Our friend @jesspeachie in New York in the Signature Tunic Shirt and Track Pants 

Domestic travel is very popular right now, as travelers don’t have to deal with any restrictions. Now could be the time to take that cross-country road trip you've always been dreaming of. If you are leaning toward a road trip and want to rent a car, you're not alone. Rental Cars are in incredible demand.  SRG Marketing Coordinator, Caitlin recalls it being next to impossible to book a rental car on her recent trip to Hawaii. Caitlin's hot tip, "look at car rental businesses away from the airport, about a reasonable Uber or Lyft distance. Car rental businesses have to pay a fee to use the airport name in association with their business. If you look away from the airport you will find lower prices and more availability." 

Whether you choose a loungy beach getaway or action packed city trekking, consider tapping into locals to help with custom travel planning.

Hot Top: Platform Viahero is a network of locals waiting to help you check off that bucket-list. We love the idea of teaming with a local to help plan a trip customized to your own interest and think you'll love it too.

Our friend @sylvia_tennant in the Coolest T, Camo Jacket and Track Pants in Vancouver. 

Getting Back To Traveling

Once you have booked your trip, it’s time to pack and prepare your documents. Hot Tip: important must-haves for packing are a reusable water bottle, portable charger and universal adapter. Travel is dehydrating by nature. Keep water on hand and keep it environmentally and wallet friendly. The portable charger and adapter will save you. I’m looking at you old-plane-with-no-outlets! Don't be left powerless on a long flights. More and more airlines are now charging to use in-flight entertainment. Stayed powered up with your own charger to avoid fees and the dreaded 1%.

Covid-19 vaccine or not, the CDC requires wearing a mask on public transportation, i.e. air planes, busses, trains. Not all masks are created equal. Check the requirements as sometimes gators and handkerchiefs are not allowed as sufficient masks. Quarters can get tight, use a lightweight mask to keep it breezy. Especially if you feel more comfortable doubling up.

Our friend @meaghanpoconnor easy breezy at the airport in her Coolest T-Shirt 

A hot tip from customers is the saving grace of packing our 5-star CoolROSE Tech fabric. Plan on packing some quick-dry clothing for easy hand wash and air dry capability. The versatility of our CoolROSE Tech styles will have these items go from walking tours to drinks. Then the wash-ability will save space in your bag for those unique keep sakes. CoolROSE Tech is offered in the elevated basics the Coolest T-Shirt, Cheeky Skirt, Go-To Dress and Long Sleeve tunic Shirt.

Our friend @mackidcarlsbad in her Coolest Tee and Cheeky Skirt in Cancun

Tech Hot Tip: Scanning documents like your passport, drivers license, insurance policies and vaccine cards to your Google Drive or Dropbox ensures easy access from your phone (also see portable charger ;) Rather than having to keep track of your paper boarding pass as you navigate through security and grab last minute snacks. Download the wallet app on your phone and keep your boarding pass there. 

Life is too short for blah airport food, our favorite foods are popping up in terminals. Our co-founder Erin has all the foodie tips. She checks the terminal ahead of time for favorite fast food crowd pleasers sure to make all the kids smile, like Chick-Fil-A.  Make the neighbor in 21A jealous with your Shake Shack burger and glazed Krispy Kreme.  Speaking of kids - Erin's other tip is for family travel. Be prepared for elevation changes - fruit snacks are great for littles popping ears!

What to do when you get to your destination

When you arrive at your destination, remember to be flexible. You don’t have to stick to your itinerary 100%, unless that’s what you want to do! Embrace the local culture of wherever you are visiting, try to continue to follow social distancing, and make sure you have brought masks with you because different businesses may ask you to wear them.

Now embrace that wanderlust. Its time to do less and enjoy more.  Take it all in, enjoy the company of loved ones, and savor that sweet sweet revenge.

As a special treat enjoy this visual journal of our friend producer / photographer / writer IwoNa Alfred on her trip swoon worthy visit to Portugal. 

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