Purple, Violet, Lilac: The must have color of Spring

Purple, Violet, Lilac: The must have color of Spring

If the red carpet this January is any indication, Spring Fashion color this year brings together a dichotomy in our desire for comfort and familiarity while yearning for new experiences and adventure.

See ROSE Go head to toe monochrome Lilac lavender short shirt set

See ROSE Go brings this to life with a range of soothing and timeless silhouettes made in joyous hues that celebrate the familiar and playfulness. None more so than the shade of violet.  Everyone wants to feel safe. On the other hand, we want to feel the energy of being active again. Purple is the perfect mix of both emotions. At its purest, purple is the combo of comfort and adventure.  Serene and passion. Safe and the unknown. It is a hue that satisfies our need for clarity and security while giving in to the desire to be free-spirited optimistic, spontaneous, and joyous!

The desire for safe and adventure is reflected by Pantones color of the year, Very Peri. A periwinkle blue with an undertone of red violet, the shade has been designed to capture the strangeness of these times, as well as beckon a bright new future. Pantone created this hue using blue as a base. Of course we know and love the blue color family as flattering, easy to wear and creating a sense of familiarity.  Adding the red violet undertones introduces a freshness in a nod toward the bright future.  Pantones explains the shade was also inspired by the natural world of wellness. Can’t you just smell the lilacs and lavender? After the unsettling events of the past two years, they nailed it with that a of calming sensibility. 

With color fashion trends coming on strong in 2023, the fashion world has especially embraced shades of violet.  Even though purple can be seen as a bolder color, it can also act as a versatile one too. It works with various color combinations. Color block purple with bright colors like Kelly Green or Canary Yellow. For a more minimalistic look, pair purple with more sophisticated neutrals.  If you haven’t worn purple in a while you might be surprised how easy it is to incorporate into your spring wardrobe.  A periwinkle cut out maxi dress may be hiding in your closet or you may feel the need to add our Lilac Day Dream Button Down Shirt and Woven Short set to your new Spring wardrobe rotation.

Purple can be seen across Fashion Week runways starting as early as last year.  Valentino was one of the first to incorporate the color, with Very Peri ensembles in daywear staples: floaty shirts, low-slung denim, shift dresses and tailored blazers dresses. Several other designers followed suit the following season, with Tom Ford coming though with laidback, athleisure-y spring trend, but not for going unnoticed, see Tom Ford’s purple sequins bomber. Jil Sander showcased purple on and... ‘er on the actual runway. The show used a long and narrow runway carpeted in lilac and illuminated the whole space in same delicate tone. The vibe? Cocooning and relaxing. Purple has strong game in the menswear sphere, too, with Virgil Abloh featuring Pantone’s own Veri Peri in his final collection for Louis Vuitton.  You don’t have to don a Dior ballgown or Saint Laurent cape, you can easily incorporate lilac, lavenders and violets into your own everyday street style.

One thing we know for certain - Purple offers daily wear a welcome breath of fresh air after so many months of excruciating sameness, evoking creativity, imagination and a sense of moving ahead. 

The need for calm with a healthy dose of free spirited optimism and joyful adventure is strong at See ROSE Go. We balance this need with dependable favorites and bold new color. Executive director of the Pantone Color Institute and a color psychologist Leatrice Eiseman, has said,  “Brighter colors lift your spirits and let you abandon the rules about color that you learned, when you were older. They bring you back to being a kid again and teach you to celebrate something in your life that will give you pleasure.” What better way to let your hair down than to harken back to the carefree days of our youth when your number one concern was playing.

Post pandemic fashion is reintroducing our wardrobes to play. Have fun breaking the rules we have learned. Experiment with color combos, be adventurous with a bright new tone. We can't wait to try on new and bright colors like purple. We used some of the dreamiest, wearable shades of purple in our new capsule. This Spring See ROSE Go offers a Lilac Day Dream color in our Signature Button Down and Woven Short. Layer with our luscious deep purple hue called Berry in our Trailblazer Crew Sweatshirt. Tonal layering and color blocking abound! We hope you are excited to explore a whole new world of color.

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