7 Ways to Achieve Cool Girl Model Off-Duty Style

7 Ways to Achieve Cool Girl Model Off-Duty Style

You know when you’re walking down the street, and you catch a glimpse of a woman who just looks sooo…. cool. Like she just woke up, threw on some things without much thought and it all just works. This effortless cool girl is part je ne sais quoi  and part just having the right pieces in your closet to do the work for you. This nonchalant cool girl aesthetic was coined in the early 2010s as model off-duty and dominated the street style scene. Models looking effortlessly cool after a runway show infiltrated magazines, and flooded Pinterest boards. The Alexander Wang ’esq off-duty model look was centered around a simple repertoire of dark skinny jeans, ankle booties and a leather moto jacket. A lot has happened since those days making the model off duty look evolve.  

Move over movie stars, supermodels are again becoming the favorite faces of magazine and Ads. Women like Emrata (Emily Ratajkowski), Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Hailey Bieber are perhaps more well known for what they wear off-duty rather than their professional accomplishments. We see them get glam for the Met Gala red carpet and working the runways. But perhaps what we crave even more is their outfit as the leave the gym or run to Starbucks. Of all the style sensibilities, an "I-just-threw-this-on-and-look-put-together" is one of the hardest to master. We’re here to tell you how to gain the upper hand on covetable off-duty model style.

Today, off-duty model style is more than the skinny high waisted jeans x moto jacket uniform. It’s a more elevated casual look and who isn’t here for that after all those sweats and leggings!?

The timing is perfect. Instead of the über casual vibe of the 2010 model-off-duty style, this new era is all about elevated looks with comfort. Another welcome change for the better - a more visible presence of plus size model off-duty. As runway shows become more diverse and brands are showcasing various body shapes and sizes plus size fashion models like Paloma Elsesser, Candice Huffine, Precious Lee, Tara Lynn and Barbie Ferriera are cementing plus size off duty model looks on the same pages as Gigi and Bella. Plus size model off-duty is no different then any other women’s off-duty. Yes, top models like Gigi Hadid, Aduta Akech and Ashley Graham may have a style team to help pull together even the most paired down model off duty look. However that doesn’t mean you can’t master the model off duty aesthetic by curating your closet and using similar style practices. At See ROSE Go we built our design ethos on the foundation of an effortless closet. Less time spent worrying about what to wear means more time spent on your passion. Like models off-duty rushing to their next show. We have things to do ladies! Taking a page from show shuffling models, we’ve looked at off duty style through the years and pulled some consistent tried and true themes. 

Leather Look

We know. We are captivated with model-off-duty style because it has that cool factor we can't quite put our finger on. If cool factor is the vibe then leather is the exclamation mark. Complete your “who’s that girl” look with a sleek vegan leather legging like our Faux Leather Legging, (aptly named, the Off Duty Legging) and chunky sole loafers. If leather pants aren’t your thing opt for a leather jacket. If you’re looking for paparazzi attention, take outfit inspiration from Kendall and go all the way with both.


Cindy Bruna


When it comes to easy breezy style solutions that do it all, say low-effortless and chic and comfortable and functional and fun, see monochrome outfits. All you need is to match your top with your bottom and done! It's super easy, especially for those summer months. We've even done the work for you, check out Signature Shirt, pair it with our coordinating Signature Shorts and viola! Layer on the Berry Trailblazer Crew for added depth. Wearing multiple shades in the same color family will add dimension while kicking it up a notch.  It’s ok if it’s not the  same color.


Outstanding Outerwear

During colder months, nothing can ruin an outfit faster than thoughtless outerwear. Stylish women know cold weather is never an excuse to compromise your look. It’s a chance to complete it. And when you wear a statement making layer like our Brilliant Trench Coat, it's an outfit in and of itself.

Paloma Elsesser

Borrow from the boys

We love a good menswear inspired piece. Menswear traditionally combines style AND comfort AND functionality more than women’s. (There is a whole sexist history here you can read more about it on our blog.) It makes sense to look at menswear for some smart pieces. Stealing ideas from the guys has never been more popular. Think trendy graphic t-shirt, hoodie, blazer combo. With our new found dedication to polished comfort, there is no better time to take a look at what’s happening in menswear and incorporate it into your own wardrobe. Check out our menswear inspired Houndstooth shacket for some style ideas.


Hailey Bieber


When in doubt or in a major hurry minimalism is the perfect canvas to play up your best accessory… you. Keeping things simple doesn’t mean plain. A minimalist outfit is clean, put-together and appropriate for just about anything. An unembellished ensemble is the place to let you take center stage. One outfit idea, a midi-satin skirt and turtleneck, just add red lip ; )

Kendell Jenner

Comfy cute shoes

So we know comfort is key in the model off duty fashion world. The most important point may be the shoes. Models are usually walking the runways in tall (impractical) heels. Once off the runway, they finish their personal style with a chic sneaker or boot. The fashion trend shoe of the moment has a chunky lug soles. Chunky boots and loafers are also a solid pick for New York Fashion Week weather but don’t discount the chic lifestyle sneaker. This is the perfect time to show off that sneakerhead score or your lifestyle sneaker find. The combo looks effortless and provides a much-needed functionality to seamless run your day. 

Bella Hadid

Fashion’s supposed to be fun! Don’t forget!

Never underestimate the confidence building effect of adding something you love for a welcome touch of personality. What about that western handbag or unique vintage find? Sometimes the best fashion moments are those that bring a smile to your face.  Your personal style is a reflection of you, let it shine!

After reading all this, you are invested in knowing more about model off-duty style. It comes down to the cool factor and confidence gained from an effortless closet.  The ease is all in what you are able to pull from your wardrobe with the wisdom knowing 1.) it all works together interchangeably 2.) You know these pieces work for you, they are comfortable, you look great and you feel your best. The rest of that cool-girl-off-duty-je ne sais quoi ….  well, at See ROSE Go we know the secret… it’s you. Your confidence in knowing one thing. You. Got. This.


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