How to Help Your Clothing Last Longer

You did it! You bought a treasured wardrobe treat, a premium fashion find. Either you searched high and low or you were in the right place at the right time, it’s yours now. Adding quality designed pieces to your closet feels great because: A.) you LOVE it and B.) you know these garments are built to last.

Now what? You want to ensure these hard won treasures endure. We polled the See ROSE Go office for trusted tips on how to care of our clothing. Our biggest takeaway is that first and foremost, everything we wear should be enjoyed. We deserve to live in the clothes we love with joie de vivre, not shadowed by trepidation. Here are some of our own tips to prolong the lifespan of your favorite items.

1. Pay Attention to Care Instructions

One of the most important things you can do when trying to maintain your clothing over time is to wash it correctly. Reviewing the care label before purchase will also help gauge how well you can and are willing to care of the garment. If you hate dry cleaning or hand washing, avoid these materials. Most washable items are better washed in cold water and drying on permanent press to avoid wrinkles. Hot water is rougher on fibers and should be reserved for those tough, dirty items. Most clothing can be washed on cold and be ok, however the same is not true for washing with hot water.

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2. The Washing Machine

One well-known tip is to wash an item less frequently. “You won't need to wash a piece of clothing every time you wear it,” says Kate Shevack, See ROSE Go’s head of Brand and Marketing. Try to wash your clothes with less frequency (not that you should wear dirty clothes), but light wear doesn’t mean a wash especially since each wash cycle (event the gentle cycle) is decreasing the overall quality of the garment. When you do wash, be sure to close zippers, velcro, button-up and snap to prevent snagging. Also loosely tie any drawstrings or ties to prevent tangles.

3. Air Drying

The dryer is rough on clothing. It breaks down fibers of the fabric and causes the garment to age prematurely. The mechanical tumbling action causes micro tears which greatly contribute to fabric wear, which decreases the life-span of clothing. “Air dry when you can. Make sure to lie sweaters flat when wet, on top of a towel, carefully arrange sweaters with sleeves over the body so that they don't hang down and lose their shape.” says Yi Zhou, Chief Creative Officer at See ROSE Go.

4. The White Shirt

When caring for a white collared shirt, always check the inside of the collar and underarms. Being close to the skin can cause build up of sweat, deodorant, make-up and lotions, etc. Be sure to treat these areas and wash immediately after wear. “I love my white button down. To help keep it that bright white, I treat it with a homemade stain remover I found on Pinterest.” says Erin Cavanaugh SRG Co-founder. “After washing, I check again. If there are still any traces, I treat and wash, repeating the stain removal process until they are gone.”

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5. Fold. Don't Hang.

Fold your t-shirts and sweaters. Do not hang them, especially on wire hangers. “Hanging can cause those dreaded hanger marks in the shoulders AND it stretches the garment from the gravitational pull,” says Kate.

6. Learn Basic Repairs.

Things happen. A snag, a button popping off, a loose thread. “Learning basic repairs can help clothes last longer and save you money,” says Yi. “Next time you are staying at a hotel, be sure to take the sewing kit offered in the room. Needles are pre-threaded!”

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7. How to Wash Jeans

Jeans rarely need to be washed. Denim is a very durable material. “I hang jeans in the bathroom during a steamy shower or place them in a plastic bag and freeze them for two days.” says Madeline, our trusted vintage denim guru and Marketing Intern.

Remember, clothing is meant to be lived in. Go forth and enjoy choosing clothing that brings YOU happiness. Then take delight in caring for this source of joy!

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I found it helpful when you said that you should consider air-drying when you can since the dryer is rough on clothing and breaks down fibers of the fabric. My husband and I are interested in visiting a vintage clothing shop since we want to shop for sports shirts. It is highly important for us to ensure that we will be able to keep the vintage shirts in a good shape, so we will consider your tips.

Shammy S August 17, 2021

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