10 tips to make your own luck

10 tips to make your own luck

Numerologists believe that November 11th is the luckiest day of the year because it's doubling the “master number” of 11, especially when the clock shows 11:11. While the good vibes from 11/11 is not fact. There are some sure fire ways to create your own. If you’re like Earnest Hemingway, you believe we make our own luck. Lucky people have learned to look out for opportunity, place themselves in the right situations and look at the world a certain way. If you are looking to harness some of that 11/11 fate, here are 10 tips to manifest your own luck.

1. Help others 

Help others and discover how lucky you are. If you can create luck, you can create karma too. Lucky people also give of their time and effort. They help others because it’s the right thing to do and they one one things is for sure, good deeds will very often come back to us in unexpected ways.This can be related to philanthropy or as simple as making an introduction for someone. This first point is a reminder to look around and note how lucky we already are.

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2. Be social, network and improve your odds.

Be open to a work event, conference or party. I know, I know, sometimes - especially after work, colder weather and longer transit times it is all too tempting to say, “next time.” Take it from personal experience. Say yes more often than no. It is all part of expanding your social circle, and building your professional network. Put yourself out there and meet more people, because people bring connections and connections bring opportunity. Keep in touch with current friends and contacts too. Fostering these authentic relationships keep your (lucky) network thriving.

3. Visualize your steps toward success.

Visualizing your step by step process will help you 1. Get started 2. Breaks down the goal into tangible actions 3. Gets you there. Picture your process, write it down with goal dates attached, then start ticking steps off your list.

4. Be open to the random (be curious!)

Don’t get stuck in the same-same. Be open to new experiences and stay curious about the world around you. This provides opportunities to explore, help you gain knowledge and places you in the right place, at the right time.

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5. Be aware of your circumstances and surroundings.

Luck is about learning where to find opportunity. Put your self out there, network, then be on the lookout for situations to present themselves. This creates an environment where you are allowing luck to happen.

6. Listen to your gut.

More often than not, we can sense when opportunity is knocking. We just have to decide to act.

7. Work hard.

Period. Be positive, work hard and be your own self fulfilling prophecy.

8. Focus on the positive and shake off that negative energy.

Stay away from the grass as greener mentality. This only bogs you down with negative vibes. Focus on the silver lining in a situation to find opportunity. This can also be applied to moving forward, rather than looking back. I can’t tell you how many times there is a challenge at work or home life, co-workers, kids, friends will want to place blame. Lucky people look forward toward a solution. Learn from it and find the positivity in an opportunity.

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9. Fail forward.

Accept that setbacks happen and learn from it. Wayne Gretzky said, “You will miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.” You’ll never know until you try. If it is a fail - pause, reflect on some hindsight. Ask yourself, “what went wrong?” “where could you have prepared differently?”  Learn. Then keep going.

10. Stay in the present.

This is difficult. There are so many tasks and avenues to do multiple things at the same time. Being present is a focus on what or who is in front of you. After all, luck seems to happen in the moment right? Keep your head up, take it all in and maybe there are opportunities to seize right in front of you.

- Erin Cavanaugh

sRg CEO and Co-founder

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