7 Easy Steps to Master Transitional Dressing

7 Easy Steps to Master Transitional Dressing

As soon as we feel that first sunshine on our face and the temperature rises slightly we are ready to cast off outerwear and show our toes again! But this time of year with Winter and Spring living within the same day, we often fall victim to the wardrobe challenges placed before us by the hourly season changes of the awkward Winter-Spring weather.

We are here to say there is a simple science to dressing during this enigmatic “Springter.” We have polled the office for our best ways to master transitional dressing whether for Winter to Spring or Summer to Autumn. Exercise these easy points to curate a closet that recognizes inbetweenie seasons and see your wardrobe last longer and be more functional.

1. Versatility

Identify items that, with slight changes, could work in any season. For example, we have seen women wearing our Go-To Dress with sandals in the summer and then in Winter, layered over a turtle neck and boots. Versatility in your wardrobe is the #1 question you should ask when creating a transitional wardrobe.

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2. Layering

Layering is key when outfitting. The right items will take you from 6 AM to 10 PM without having to stop home for a change, simply removing layers or rearranging on the fly. This includes accessories, cardigans, vests and outerwear.

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3. Form and Function

Between layering and temperature changes, the trick is to keep yourself comfortable and feeling great. With modern tech we can have pieces that keep up with us, like our CoolRose™ Jersey Collection. Each piece is made to be both beautiful and functional, with cooling and breathable benefits. This functionality keeps you cool when your day heats up.

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4. Strategic Coverage

A clever way to keep warm and cool is to juxtapose your coverage. For each exposed limb, add some coverage somewhere else. If you’re wearing a skirt or shorts, counter with a cardigan. Many women choose to wear our Tunic Shirt sans pants during Spring, making the item more versatile and functional as a top and dress! 

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5. Use Color

You can be prepared for the elements with tricky transitional weather, but still look like Spring with a splash of color. Swap a black turtle neck for a pink long sleeve, like our Peek-a-boo Tunic. This is a simple way to still keep warm while making a seasonal statement.

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6. Shoe Swap

When the snow is gone and sun permits, change out your boots for an open toe. It’s a simple thing which immediately moves any outfit from Winter to Spring. An added bonus: you already have these items in your closet, so you won’t need to open your wallet.

7. Quality

Lastly, a quick note on quality. During our poll, it came up that if we are wearing these pieces for both seasonally-appropriate weather and transitional weather, this can be a lot of wear and tear on our clothing. While curating a transitional closet, it is just as important to look for quality as it is for versatility. Check for quality in the make of the item and durability of the fabric. Recognizing good quality clothing is a whole other blog post to come!

Typically, we have a transitional wardrobe hiding between our linen dress and wool coats. Essential, transitional dressing is all in how YOU use it. This list is easy to-do’s, but how they work is up to you. In every case, confidence is 90% of your outfit. If you feel great, you are ; )


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