I am Rose - Melissa Chataigne

I am Rose - Melissa Chataigne

The best thing social media has given us has got to be connecting with people you would otherwise have no way of meeting. We were excited to meet Melissa Chataigne (via Zoom call) for this reason, but we had no way of knowing the depth of our kindred mindset. Truly multi-dimensional, Melissa's list of professional experience stretches an impressive array of accomplishments. She’s a fashion stylist, a TV host and personality with TODAY, E! and Access Hollywood. She’s a creator, the ceramic artist behind Oui Carole, designing a collection of gracefully functional clayware that reflects a timeless aesthetic. A lifestyle trait inspired by her mother.

We found we share a similar philosophy around intentional design, purpose, and an appreciation for craftsmanship leading to sustainably made, longer lasting quality. And a very specific passion point for plus size fashion. Melissa is a down-to-earth warm soul, her celebration in diversity and empowerment cultivate authentic connections while inspiring us to reach for our fullest potential. Read on to learn more about what drives Melissa Chataigne in I AM ROSE.

SRG: Thank you so much for doing this with us! Before we dig in, our readers would like to get to know you a bit. Can you please share with us a little about your path and what makes you the woman you are today?

MC: My path began in the corporate world as I was director of marketing in healthcare in my early twenties. I moved to LA for a new opportunity and decided to follow my passion for fashion while I still had my corporate job. I did my marketing calls during the day and assisted stylists after work. Slowly the fashion took over, but after working with celebrities, I realized that helping real women and real bodies was my focus.

SRG: A one liner that would best describe you is...?

MC: I’m elevating women’s confidence through style.

SRG: You are a woman inspiring us through your significant work changing the narrative in fashion and the plus size industry. You are an esteemed stylist, TV host, lifestyle coach helping women build their wardrobe and their confidence...AND you support designers and businesses like See ROSE Go. What drives your passion?

MC: Representation! I wanted to see women who looked like me on TV (besides Oprah) and in fashion. Size matters. Diversity matters. I want to inspire the next generation to step into their power to reach their full potential.

SRG: Intentional design that delivers staying power is a center value for us at SRG. We share the same philosophy on creating a sustainable wardrobe and the importance of cost per wear. Why is quality and building a sustainable wardrobe important to you?

MC: Your skin is your biggest organ. What you put on your body has an affect on your body, lungs, and organs. Also, I want to leave the planet in better shape than we currently have it. Sustainability and quality is not a trend, it's a lifestyle.

SRG: Well stated! I never thought from that standpoint before, but YES! Everyone is obsessing on skincare, but we shouldn't stop there! On that same topic then - What are the top 3 things you look for before you make a clothing purchase?

MC: Fabric, Fit, Sustainability

SRG: Now that we are in a fresh year, what does realigning mean to you?

MC: I am constantly realigning and releasing projects and people who no longer serve me. I’m focused on pursuing projects that make a difference. I don’t want to be on TV to be a talking head. I must be in alignment with my mantra “Style with Purpose.” That is the basis for all my endeavors from Oui Collective events to my Oui Carole pottery. It all comes down to service.

SRG: Favorite outfit right now?

MC: Working from home I keep it simple in my crisp See Rose Go tunic paired with biker shorts. It’s perfect for errands, fittings, and zoom calls. I feel sexy and confident.

SRG: We love a biker short and tunic look too! So easy. Melissa, we are so thankful to have you as a part of our community. Is there a particular person that has made a significant impact on you? Can you share a story?

MC: My baby sister, Jenny. We were 7 years, 7 days and 7 hours apart and although she was younger, she was wise beyond her years. She led with grace, elegance, patience and gave back to her community in so many beautiful ways.. She had love for everyone else but herself and lost her battle with depression and took her life in 2010. Her death inspired me to help women LOVE themselves and my personal styling business was born. She inspires everything I do and I miss her dearly.

SRG: I'm so sorry to hear this. What a a beautiful tribute to your sister to hear the inspiration she inspired and does inspire today in her legacy. What do you feel inspired to do next?

MC: I am a style contributor on Today, E! and Access Hollywood. I’m about to relaunch my 21 day styling program, CURATE, this Spring. My next drop of pottery, Oui Carole, is dropping March 15th. There will be a lot more of me on your TV and in 5 years I will be a Emmy-Award winning television host, producer and NYT Bestselling author.


Editor: Erin Cavanaugh


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