I Am Rose - Jessie Diaz-Herrera

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In this series, we highlight amazing women in the SRG community. Meet Jessie...

Dancing was a big part of my childhood. I started dancing at the age of6. I'd wake up excited every Saturday to put on my ballet slippers. At 12, the dance school advised me to lose weight if I wanted to advance my ballet. To them my body and dance were not in sync. I tried to diet, I refused to eat dinner for a week and even fainted at one point. I finally confessed all this to my mom and she took me out of the program. I remember being so mad at her because I loved dance. 

Little did I know she was protecting me. 
As a young girl, I didn't get it. I wanted to be in the program so badly...but now as an adult I'm so grateful knowing what I do now. I'm happy my mom stood up for me, especially in a time where I didn't understand why I was different.
I didn't start dancing again until college, but this time my new found love was hip-hop. Dancing is my way to love myself and my body. It also keeps my mind healthy  I M releasing endorphins overtime I step on the dance floor. Self love is so important and when we find something we truly love about ourselves its worth haring with the world. I dedicate my life back to sports because I need an outlet to move my body. 
I feel my most confident when I'm performing. Whether its teaching a class or dancing on stage, I am empowered, strong and fearless!


Photographer Credit Thomas Barnes @thomasbarnesnyc


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