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Ashley Dorough In her favorite See Rose Go plus size designs

If you read or follow House of Dorough, you have 100% already been touched by blog namesake Ashley Dorough’s warmth, authenticity and inspiration. Ashley may best be introduced as a women you want to be friends with, have in your corner, cheer you on as you cheer her on, grab a coffee with, then have her pull looks for you. She has an effervescent sense of style and the ability to help you remember you are not alone. 

Read on to learn more about this one - tough - mother. 

Ashley Dorough in See Rose Go Plus Size clothing

SRG: Happy Mother’s Day! Can you describe your path and what brings you to where you are today?

I started in the film industry working in the costume department for several movies and TV shows. I did that for 8-9 years but then I had my daughter and realized I needed a change. I started my blog in hopes of empowering women and generating some sort of income so I could stay at home with my babies. 

SRG: What have you found to be the most prominent challenge with family / work balance?

AD: It’s the hardest thing in the world. Being a mom is a full time job - and running a blog is a full time job. I honestly don’t think I’m doing my best with work right now and I’ve had to come to terms with that. I don’t want to look back on this and regret how much stress I was under for work. I want to remember spending my days with my babes, but also be proud of the work I’ve done. 

Ashley Dorough in See Rose Go Plus Size Clothing

SRG: Well put, I think A LOT of mom's can relate to that!

SRG: There are so many expectations on being the “perfect” mother. What is your response to seeing “perfect” parenting in the media?

AD: It’s so hard. Everyone’s houses are seemingly tidy and perfect. No one’s children ever scream. Mom’s are never crying, always happy. Every family has a seated dinner every night. 

Seeing these things over and over and over again can be incredibly damaging to women. I have an incredible appreciation for artistic and beautiful photos but I also try to be as authentic as possible. Wanna see my dirty house? Door’s open ;)

SRG: The most useful traits which apply to being a mother and to running your own business?

AD: Hands down, multi tasking. Although with two now, it’s almost impossible to get anything done. 

SRG: Proudest moment?

AD: When my oldest daughter is kind to her friends (you know, in the world of teenagers that is a lot to ask, haha!!). Also just knowing that I’m reaching other women. 

SRG: Who are the women you’re inspired by in your life, and why? 

AD: Literally… every mom ever.

SRG: What’s next for you? Wildest dream scenarios encouraged!

AD: Oh gosh. I dream of designing my own size inclusive clothing line. I dream of somehow being able to style women of all shapes and sizes for big brands. At the end of the day if I can just reach one woman, and make her love herself a little bit more, my job is done. 

Ashley Dorough In See Rose Go Plus Size Clothing

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