I Am Rose - Chelsea Francis

I Am Rose - Chelsea Francis
In this series, we highlight amazing women in the SRG community. Meet Chelsea... 
Dear Chelsea,
You fell in love with photography because it's just another way for you to connect with people, and that's what you've always wanted to do. You capture personal stories and document emotions with your images, authentically beautiful. Just like you.
You are not afraid to challenge yourself, and expose vulnerability and creatively going a step beyond the expected... You are a creative dreamer and a determined doer.
We admire that and we are inspired by your passion and drive.
It was great to meet for coffee and catch up will you were here in NYC! We covered some heavy topics like the creative process and the art of being alone, but we left so much uncovered about you!
We'd love to hear more of your story, and what makes you go...
Tell us a little more about yourself...
xo, Erin & Yi
name // occupation // social handles:
Chelsea Francis // Editorial Photographer + Creative Connector // @ohhchelsea
1. Use 3 words to describe yourself...
Chopper, bold, driven.
2. In your spare time...
Study magazines, go to the movie theater, photograph things for fun, drink coffee, swim.
3. Describe your personal style...
Off duty art director goes to Happy Hour.
4. What keeps you motivated if you're feeling tapped out creatively?
Knowing why I do what I do.
5. What are you most passionate about? 
Making the world a better place by helping people be happy in their story.
6. Tell us about something that you do to bring quality into your life?
I go to the movies aline once a week, generally.
7. Do you have a mantra you live by?
Good question! I have two! 'Why not me?' and 'I exist to bring light into this world and I am worthy of fulfilling that purpose.'
8. Who are the (wo)men you are inspired by in your life, and why?
My mother, my therapist, my best friends Stephanie Hinrichs, Ruthie Fleming and Nicole Seligman, Anastasia Garcia (a photographer I adore), Tracee Ellis Ross, Kelly Krause, Shonda Rhimes... I could go on and on...
9. Wearing See Rose Go, I feel...
Empowered to be exactly who I am made to be.


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