I Am Rose - Elsa Massey

I Am Rose - Elsa Massey

Speaking with Elsa is like connecting with a friend you haven't seen in a year - but can pick up again without skipping a beat - you know the feeling. From her very first Coolest T-Shirt Elsa became an immediate and vocal fan of See ROSE Go. Her genuine support of us at SRG, her obvious quest and love of quality clothing coupled with her warm and welcoming spirit quickly cemented our devotion all things Elsa! We simply had to know more about what makes her GO. Read on. 

SRG: We think you have such a cool story! Tell us about your path and what makes you the woman you are today.

EM: Thank you! I feel the same way about you. My path began many many years ago. In a very abridged version, I was once a young woman who deeply struggled with body image issues and subsequently battled disordered eating for many years. After a long term of struggle, I began healing and started to see the inherent beauty in my own body, and in all bodies. After shedding false ideologies of what comprises beauty, I embraced body positivity and self acceptance, and truly began living my life. I worked in the arts for the majority of my career, and have my Masters in American Decorative Art History. I made a career switch in recent years and found myself craving a creative outlet. I began blogging to share my penchant for classic style and passion for body positivity. Nothing brings me greater joy than sharing my story with women, and inspiring them to live their style at all sizes.

SRG: We feel the same! Really it is a simple approach to a not-so-simple problem. Tell us about a time you felt most powerful?

EM: I feel most powerful when I trust myself. There is something so freeing and empowering about understanding who you are as a woman. Don’t get me wrong, there is still a lot I am learning or have not quite figured out yet. But one thing I have learned is that one of the most important relationships I’ll ever have is the one with myself. Trusting myself has naturally allowed little room for self doubt, and a lot more space for empowerment and growth.

SRG: And to follow up, when have you felt the most vulnerable?

EM: I feel most vulnerable when I am in a new situation or experience. There is something about an unfamiliar setting or trying something new that creates a vulnerability where although I am nervous, I feel an excitement where there are so many possibilities. The potential to fall or the potential to fly both bring an opportunity for growth, and that is the most exciting of all.

SRG: What are you most passionate about?

EM: I am most passionate about confidence and expressing your style without sacrifice. Whether you are a jeans and button down kind of woman like I am, or you are in heels and a power suit everyday, whatever your style is, you should be able to express it to the fullest, regardless of size. Style and size are not mutually exclusive.

SRG: YES! We aim to change this mis-conception everyday! You are a supporter of women and all around you! Who has been a stand out rock for YOU and on the flip side - how do you feel most effective in how you support others? Tips please!

EM: My mother has been my rock throughout all of this! She makes me feel as though I am the most capable woman in the world. Her beauty and sense of style is so inspiring to me, and her support and constant cheering have brought me where I am today. On the flipside, celebrating my friends' successes is something that brings me joy. As someone who once struggled, all I want is for those around me is for them to embrace life to the fullest and to celebrate their happy moments.

SRG: Your mission and the See ROSE Go purpose are so connected! We want to see all women wearing plus size experience quality, feel their best, and make their impact! Why do you think clothing is so strongly connected to feeling our best?

EM: I think clothing is so strongly connected to feeling our best, because aside from our countenance, our clothing is our opportunity to tell the world who we are. As a plus size woman, I feel so strongly that we are just as worthy of having quality clothing and the same opportunity to present ourselves to the world.

SRG: Especially now! Even if we may or may not leave the house! How has clothing effected your mindset over the course of the past 6 months?

EM: Clothing has been a saving grace! On days where I feel like I am in a slump from not leaving the house during quarantine, getting dressed can be a game changer. Even though I may not be leaving the house, a special outfit can take you places.

SRG: Name one hidden skill you could teach us.

EM: I can look at any piece of vintage or antique furniture and likely tell you where and when it was made! I worked in auction houses for years before becoming a buyer in the home decor world, and my job was to identify and appraise decorative art.

SRG: SO COOL! Love a hidden talent! Ok, how about fashion hacks - If someone is new to See ROSE Go, which are your top 3 pieces to you recommend as must-haves?

EM: The Coolest Tee, The Camo Jacket and the Little Black Dress!

SRG: If you weren't an amazing style blogger and influencer what would you be doing? (wildest dream scenarios accepted ; )

EM: I would be a Diane Keaton enthusiast living in South Carolina who designs the layouts for coffee table books! I have always thought that was the coolest job (the books, but being a Diane Keaton fan, too).  

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