The New Chic, Plus Size Work From Home

The New Chic, Plus Size Work From Home

We are in unprecedented times. The Coronavirus has turned into a global pandemic and changed the way people work day-to-day all around the world. In the US, due to social distancing requirements, most offices have morphed to a work-from-home modality and it is not going away anytime soon.  The office + WFH combo seems to be the new workplace going forward. For many women, as we have adjusted to working in bed or the couch, we've been through the PJ's-sweats-underwear, sport bra stage and are now needing a real sense of getting dressed in the morning to feel prepared to take on the day. But figuring out what this looks like now is a whole new level of versatile dressing. We want to be comfortable, but looked put together for work video calls, be ready to run to the grocery store or even just presentable to answer the door for all those packages being delivered. Putting together a chic, yet comfortable outfit is the conduit to tackle your day, feeling your best amid this craziness and empowering. 

Having most of our interactions through video calls and Zoom meetings, it's easy to fall into the leggings / sweatpants and hoodie look.  But is that how we feel the most empowered? In a study completed in 2012, by the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, clothing may also have an impact on personal performance. Think of it this way, if you associate relaxation with pajamas, you may slack off while working in them. If you dress the part, you may find yourself more easily filling it.

But here we are, working from our happy place, home - where we want to be the most cozy and relaxed! Our collective mindset is still trying to grapple with workwear appropriate vs comfortable home wardrobe, but here’s a question: why can’t you be both comfy AND chic? At See ROSE Go we have made it our mission to create high quality, versatile pieces for women wearing a plus size.  Our clothing is made for living-in across multi dimensional situations - like WFH. The new chic is comfy chic - great for both being home and feeling your best self. With our pieces, serving sizes 14-28,  it is possible to prioritize feeling your best, while also prioritizing comfort!

Work From Home Outfit Ideas

Shop the Tailored Track Pants

For a more casual home office look, try pairing the Coolest T-Shirt, a reversible top that is a part of our CoolROSE Collection. The tee comes in a variety of colors (including white, black, burgundy and grey heather), with our Tailored Track Pant (a great alternative to those oh-so-comfy sweatpants) to create an elevated chic, yet comfortable work from home style. Not only will this outfit keep you feeling chic, but with our innovative CoolROSE tech, it will also keep you cool and comfy as your day heats up. Another great way to think of getting dressed is how we are framed in a Zoom meetings. That's right - the video frame. The Go To Dress is wardrobe warrior specializing in sophistication while feeling relaxed. The video frame captures the rose gold zipper at the neck line giving the attention to detail to look like you took more effort getting ready then you did. Insert wink here. 

Shop the Go-To Dress

Coming in two different colors (black and burgundy), each featuring a classy zipper detail, this is a dress that is professional enough for those on-screen Zoom calls, yet comfortable enough to sit back on the couch with a glass of wine in after a long day. 

The versatility star is the Signature Tunic Shirt. This super star can be can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the styling mood you’re in! Wear it as a stylish everyday dress, pair it with your favorite pair of blue denim or layer over your swim suit. Even more applicable, a customer recently let us know she leaves her Signature Tunic Shirt on the back of her chair,  throwing on before Zoom calls. No matter which way you style it, whether last minute over your underwear or for a day in the park, socially distant of course, it is guaranteed to keep you looking chic, stylish, AND comfortable!

Shop the Signature Tunic Shirt

If you're loving lounging your home office in your fave crew neck and pair of joggers or your go-to sweatsuit all day, See ROSE Go has some exciting news for you! A new luxe loungewear collection may be (definitely😉) coming your way in the near future. Give your inbox some fresh new content by signing up for our email list and get exclusive, VIP access to the collection drop!

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Whether you're looking for WFH styling tips, or new pieces for your remote weekend getaway, our blog is sure to give you some awesome ideas on how to refresh your wardrobe. Stay tuned for more styling tips and tricks from our team at See ROSE Go and various plus size experts! Fall is quickly approaching, and we have some great ideas on how you can revamp your style through layering different pieces likes blazers, cardigans, turtlenecks and sweatshirts, all while working to get the most wear out of the staples in your closet!


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