The Blue Hue - calm, cool, tranquil

The Blue Hue - calm, cool, tranquil

The Pantone Color Institute™  announced the forever favorite “Classic Blue” as the color of 2020. 

Pantone describes The Classic Blue color as a color that anticipates what's going to happen next. It poses the question- What is the future going to hold as we move into the evening hours?

This is indeed a relevant question and seems especially overwhelming right now. Perhaps this is the most appropriate color for the time that we are going through. Blue symbolizing blue sky’s ahead, calmer weather after a storm. Since the beginning of time Humans need to look forward to a new day, with a new day comes new aspiration and a hope for better tomorrow.

Like the song says,“Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I Love You, Tomorrow, You're Always A Day a way!!”

Classic Blue is the color of trust, which brings a sense of comfort, and the color also depicts loyalty, dependability, and trustworthiness. According to a survey in the U.S and Europe, the color is also associated with harmony, confidence, and faith.

Calm, tranquility, confidence, harmony and connection. The underlying decision in selecting the reclaimed blue stripe was simply, we loved it. Possibly for all those unconscious reasons but more consciously, it evokes what summer is. So we then purposely selected our campaign images as a visual “take-me-away.”

We are inspired by Blue and all the hue evokes as a desire for a sense of peace and healing to the human spirit. Take a look at our newest arrival and sky blue imagery- close your eyes and allow the sweeping feeling of blue wash over you.

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