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Lexi Stout by Photographer Matt Sayles in minimalist plus size brand See Rose Go

Lexi Stout by Photographer Matt Sayles in minimalist plus size brand See Rose Go
We interrupt this normally all-female blog, highlighting women who inspire us, to bring you a male perspective from our latest collaborator, Matt Sayles. 
As important as it is for women to support other women, men also need to be included and embraced as a part of this conversation. Matt embodies our values personally and professionally. As a husband and a father, he is driven to create a platform which represents every woman in a beautiful and real aesthetic.
It is Matt’s vision to create incredible imagery furthering, diversifying and representing inclusion of all women in a high-fashion look and feel. We recently collaborated with Matt on a photoshoot, then sat down to learn more about his creative mission. 
Tell us about your path and where you are today?
I started my career as a photojournalist covering breaking news, sports, and entertainment.  Though I enjoyed that work and the places it took me, after a few years I transitioned towards more commercial work, portraiture, and eventually towards fashion.   Today plus/curve fashion work is my primary focus area in addition to the celebrity and commercial work that I do.
You make it a point to create imagery of underserved women. How did you start this mission?
It started with my wife, like most anything that I do that is worthwhile.  She is always challenging me to create better and more impactful work.  A few years ago she told me to shoot something “that she had never seen before” and as a plus size woman she wanted to see something that reflected women like her.  With that as my inspiration I started my Body Art series which was where this mission began.
Matt Sayles Photography
What challenges did you encounter as you began shooting the Body Art series and how did you overcome these?
My most significant early challenge was figuring out my creative vision and how to articulately express it. Everything was much easier once I was better able to explain the inspiration and goal for the project. 
Matt Sayles Photography
What gets you motivated when you feel tapped out creatively?
Thinking about the impact and power of representation and how important it is for everyone to see themselves represented in the media they consume. 
Finish this sentence. You last felt inspired when _____________________.
… I had a great conversation with friends about the power of photography and the balance between art and fashion.
How did you come across See Rose Go and what inspired you to collaborate with us?
I came across See Rose Go while my studio manager, Elyse, and I were looking to plus brands that had an aesthetic that matched my work.  We loved the clean and elevated feel we got from See Rose Go. 
You are creating, dreaming and doing! What’s next for you?
Hopefully it's more and more work for brands like See Rose Go that open the door to creating beautiful work that represents women of all sizes. There is nothing better than making great work that furthers representation and inclusion all while keeping a high fashion aesthetic. Also, I would like to turn my Body Art series into a coffee table book and a show.
All images by Matt Sayles 


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