5 Tips to Wear Bright Colors

5 Tips to Wear Bright Colors

How to Wear Bright Colors This Spring

Pantone’s official color of the year is called Very Peri. It’s a bright, unique shade of violet. Now, what does Pantone's prediction mean for the fashion industry? As the New York Fashion Week collections start to roll in, we see that while Pantone is predicting the 2022 fashion color trend is purple, it's not all aubergine, amethyst and lavender out there. It is ALL about bright colors this spring.

Runways looked like a spectrum of Crimson, Cerulean, and Citrine signifying a happy return of optimism communicated through color. Attitudes are looking up and we will literally be wearing our hearts on our sleeves as bright colors take over, infiltrating everyday style.  Fashion designers and stylists of the world aren't wasting any time. Fendi brought blues and pinks to life with a balance of off-white neutral pieces. Prada went the other way with saturated hues of lemon yellow and crimson red balanced with a heavier black. 

It goes without saying that these runway trends are already influencing ready-to-wear. OH  YES! We too love noir and neutrals at See ROSE Go. We also believe there is a timeless sense of color when paired with an iconic classic silhouette. Incorporating more, brighter tones this spring helps to not only update those favorite timeless pieces but can also help lift your mood. Several ancient cultures, including the Egyptians and Chinese, practiced chromotherapy, or the use of colors to heal. Highly pigmented colors can have a stimulating effect and make you feel refreshed and energized.

Despite ancient practices, if bold colors still seem too aggressive for you we have the fix. Wondering what colors you can "pull-off?"... spoiler... Everyone can wear bright color.  Spring highlights a sensibility of hope and confidence, wearing color is a great form of versatile self expression to capture this optimism for all. Forget the outdated rules around skin tones or undertones or whatever wearable color looks best on you. Kick off your Spring wardrobe with our five tips to incorporate bright colors to your outfits right now. 

1. One Piece At a Time

For the neutral lovers, you know who you are. Classic head to toe black, khaki lover, open-your-closet-and-see-no-color. Start by choosing a color that makes you happy. If you are struggling to even choose a color, in a recent survey we conducted with our See ROSE Go community, purple was a huge winner in color most women voted to see more of.  Select an easy piece in this color then build your outfit around it. After learning our customers wanted to see purple from us, we created a new soft silhouette perfect for layering under a blazer or comfy on its own.  Instead of trying to match the purple, add your favorite neutral so it’s more your style. Meet Berry, she's our newest color, vibrant, uplifting and playing well with others. Wear Berry with our Multitasker Pant. 

2. Monochrome Statement

Everyone. Everyone looks amazing in monochrome. It is the easiest way to look chic in an instant. Chose a color, then stick within that color family head to toe. Coordinating top and bottom sets make this look even more effortless. Two new silhouettes have been launched at See ROSE Go this spring combining monochrome polish with thoughtful ease. Check out our new button down shirt and matching boxer style short, both in a soft cotton based tech fabric lending cooling tech comfort to hot days. If you’re looking for monochrome, you know where to find us. Prepare yourself, a monochrome moment exudes a sense of conquering. Look great, feel fearless. 

3. Color Combos

If you’re already somewhat of the adventurous type and ready to dive right into more vibrance, try complimentary color combinations in an outfit. Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, who cares? As long as it’s fun. Experiment with your color palette. If anything, this is the season to be bold. Winter blues are no match for a hot pink and red 1 - 2 punch. To make the styling process less of a headache, stick to a solid color combo, like a light spring yellow and Kelly green or navy and teal blue. The combos are endless, start brainstorming those spring outfit ideas. As a little nudge toward avant-garde, our new See ROSE Go capsule includes our Brilliant Trench in a radiant poppy red just calling out to be layered over our citrine zebra print Trailblazer Crewneck Sweatshirt. 

4. Start with the Accessories 

If you’re still hesitant to take on the intense color of the season, you can still part take by infusing accessories. Follow the example of the Isabel Marant Spring 2022 runway show. The event showcased the designer's signature muted colors with pops of radiant color in handbags. You can start slow and purposeful by picking up scarves, belts, socks in colors that stir an emotion within you. If you’re wearing all black, throw on some bright red sunnies. In this zoom-centric work life it makes sense to add color to earrings and necklaces. 

5. Pastel It Out 

Pastels are a staple in spring fashion and 2022 is no exception. Expect to see more cotton candy yellows, pinks and blues conjuring up day dreamy thoughts. Think Jacquemus runway show in Provence Lavender fields, ahhhh. Pastels are a definitive way to integrate color because they act as a neutral. To add a little more intensity create a pastel monochrome look. I see a Lilac button-down and short combo in the very near future. 

The spring color palette this year is one to be celebrated. It is exactly what we need from fashion, an outlet of escapism and fantastic. This season runways are reflecting an antithesis of the last two pandemic years that has been building with every zoom call, socially distant family gathering and canceled event. It is nothing short of inspiring positivity communicated through colors.  The hues run the gamut, there were a few standouts that are bound to make a serious impact in 2022. Using our easy tips start infusing favorite pieces in soft lilac, pale yellow, sky blue, Scarlett red and citrine then share your looks with us @seerosego.com 


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