The Circular Fashion Business Model

The Circular Fashion Business Model
Resell See ROSE Go with AirRobe

The Circular Fashion Economy 

The fashion industry has traditionally run on a linear business model, where the industry pools resources from the earth to produce clothing and other products. Then discarding the products, either after minimal use or over-production. This model has been wreaking havoc on the planet. Mass amounts of clothing ends up as burned waste or in a landfill.  It's become a one-way street, one that is now catching up to us all - big time. According to, the average person in the US alone tosses about 81.5 pounds of clothes each year. That is an estimated 11.3 million tons of textile waste. Meaning 85% of all textiles end up in landfills on a YEARLY basis.  The decomposition of these textiles emit methane gases and releases toxic chemicals. These harmful element seep into our air, waterways and soil. A large portion of these discarded items actually could have been reworn or recycled. Enter the circular business model.

Circular Fashion Business Model is where the industry closes that liner model into a loop.  The production of clothing becomes more responsible with the resources it takes, pulling more from the textiles already created and moving forward with longer lasting clothing, like recycling materials, walking away from disposable fast fashion and consumers reselling the clothing they already have.  The industry becomes more mindful of the life span of every garment. This circular business model in fashion will play a larger role in 2023 as brands and legislation catch up to this vastly growing environmental issue. As part of a wide-ranging plan to crack down on throwaway culture, the European Commission is calling for an end to fast fashion by 2030. In addition they want large companies to disclose how much unsold stock they send to landfill! The EU is also looking at expanding eco-design rules which already set efficiency standards for products. These clothing eco-design rules will include a requirement for brands selling clothing in the EU to be more durable, repairable, reusable and recyclable. Hats off to the EU!

At See ROSE Go, we are grounded in this mindset from the very beginning. You can trust that See ROSE Go clothing is designed and crafted to last in your wardrobe. AND with our new circular fashion partner, AirRobe. We are making it easier to resell your SRG when and if you are ready to love it forward. With this announcement from the EU, we hope the US is not far behind where we can see more brands stepping up with initiatives in resale, rental, up-cycling, and recycling materials in this more circular business model.

We are thrilled to let you know See ROSE Go has joined the Circular Fashion movement with AirRobe. See ROSE Go designs have always been crafted to last years as a beloved favorite in your wardrobe. But we get it and we heard you. You want options to refresh your wardrobe and may want to love your See ROSE Go forward to be another woman's favorite. Now, you can love forward your See ROSE Go designs by re-selling or renting your pieces back into a circular market after you’ve worn and treasured them to your hearts content.
Keeping fashion out of landfill makes sense. It’s good for your wallet and good for the planet.

Here’s how AirRobe works:

Step 1.
As you shop on, select “Yes” to add items to
your Circular Wardrobe.
Step two for an easy resell option with See ROSE Go
Step 2.
On the confirmation page you’ll be directed to set up a free AirRobe account. Your items, including the product images and descriptions, will automatically appear in your Circular Wardrobe.

Step 3.
After you have worn and loved your See ROSE Go, you can re-sell, rent, or recycle your items on AirRobe marketplace, with one click.  

Step 4.
You keep fashion out of landfill and reduce your carbon, water and waste footprint. 

Using your Circular Wardrobe on AirRobe
  • Login to your account on to view past purchases in your Circular Wardrobe. All product details and images are automatically loaded, making it easier to repurpose.
  • You decide when you re-sell, rent or recycle your items. 
  • With one click your item will be listed on the AirRobe marketplace for someone else to buy or rent.
  • Track your carbon emissions and money earned within your Circular Wardrobe. 

Sustainable fashion with See ROSE Go x AirRobe
By selling or wearing just one preloved fashion piece, you offset: 

42 pounds of C02 emissions
25 gallons of water
4.5 pounds of textile waste
    AirRobe and See ROSE Go are tackling sustainable fashion with a focus on creating new ways to extend the life of your clothing.
    With AirRobe you are always covered with your resale transactions.

    Payments are not released to the seller until the buyer receives the item and approves the payment transfer.

    If an item gets lost, damaged or isn’t as described, we refund the purchase price and postage costs. 

    We’re here to support you anytime you need us. Contact us. Shop pre-loved online:

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