Press - South China Morning Post, Will China Embrace Plus-Size Fashion?

The South China Morning Post is a global news site that provides current affairs, entertainment, culture and fashion articles and insight. One of the questions highlighted by the South China Morning Post is whether China will embrace plus-size fashion. The article states that “international fashion influencers hope to give plus-sized women a voice in China, where the pressure to be slim is relentless”.

See Rose Go was featured in this article, noting that “Representation matters. More and more brands and designers are recognizing this,” say Erin Cavanaugh and Yi Zhou, the founders of US-based plus-size fashion brand See Rose Go.

Read the full insightful article titled "Will China embrace plus-size fashion? Only if women stop wanting ‘to look good in a size 2, not a size 20’" and the interview with the See Rose Go founders at the South China Morning Post

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