Plus size NYFW 2019 with the Curvy Fashionista

The Curvy Fashionista is dedicated to celebrating plus size women and is a resource where you can find all the latest fashion news and trends.

This article from The Curvy Fashionista titled: See Rose Go’s Street Style NYFW Campaign is #SquadGoals at NYFW! explore how See Rose Go aims to promote quality clothing for plus size women through a NYFW street style photography campaign. In this campaign you get to see how plus size fashion can be captured in an inspirational way.

See Rose Go and Lydia Hudgens created this campaign to bring to the “center-stage the beauty of all women, and the fact that year-after-year, women wearing plus size are routinely ignored by photographers in street-style shoots during international fashion weeks.”

You can see some examples from the campaign and read the full article on The Curvy Fashionista.