Press - Scandinavia Standard Look At The Best Minimalist Plus-Size Clothing Brands

We have all heard about how Scandinavian furniture design champions function and minimalism, and their clothing can also follow in a similar pattern. Scandinavia Standard explores this concept further and has taken a look at plus-size clothing brands that can fit into this genre.

Clothing from See Rose Go has been featured in this list. Scandinavia Standard champions See Rose Go for our cool and casual clothing range. They also highlight the fact that some of our range is available in the technologically advanced material “CoolROSE™ Jersey,” which can both stretch and breathe easily.

Explore the entire list of minimalist plus size clothing brands at Scandinavia Standard

Actively listening and conversing we hear directly from women regarding their experiences with plus size clothes. We gain hundreds of insights, like the these statements above. Our Community engagement keeps us hyper-focused on real needs and desires. Leveraging our expertise, we use technical performance to reimagine how clothing should perform in everyday life.


We can do this because we are experts in technical fabric development. If a solution doesn’t exist, we’ll invent it. We invented a soft cotton blend fabric called CoolROSE™ , because life demands high performance.

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