NYLON Magazine interviews LA based, 23 year old rapper Chika. The justice-focused artist sounds off on her career journey, the current protests, and how she uses her ever-growing platform. This March 2020, she released Industry Games, a debut EP recounting her rise from social media maven to full-time rapper. Chika’s debut leaves no time to rest while coinciding with the COVID-19 pandemic. She has been passing the time in tranquil quarantine — setting up her new apartment and home studio, listening to music, and making Nigerian stew — until anti-police brutality protests in Los Angeles brought her out of isolation. Wearing See Rose Go Camo Jacket for this cover.

Cover image credit: See Rose Go jacket; Freddy Beezy bandana; ASOS top; Martine Ali necklace; Versani necklace, rings.
Photographer: Emman Montalvan
Stylist: Icon
Set Designer: Kelly Fondry
Art Director: Erin Hover
Fashion Director: Tiffany Reid

You can read the full article  at Nylon - https://www.nylon.com/entertainment/chika-protest-pride