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Recently, while in Cancun, we were given the opportunity to experience a clothing brand line called See Rose Go. We hadn't heard of the company before, but when we looked into it, we were excited. Turns out See Rose Go is a chic, high quality, plus size (14-28) clothing company that brings minimalist fashion to a whole new beautiful and highly comfortable level. We didn't realize what See Rose Go meant by "purposeful design, pioneering fabrics, and insight-driven feel & fit" until we experienced wearing the delightful fabric the company uses. Let us begin:

The power of the pocket

POCKETS. Pockets are the jam. The jammy jam. The jammiest of all jams. We love pockets and who doesn’t love pockets? We were obsessed with the fact that our skirt and dress had pockets that we could easily keep our room key, tip money, lip gloss, and phone in while walking around the resort. It’s freeing to just be able to walk about hands-free and not have to carry a dag-on-darn thing. And you know us moms are usually carrying everything and a loaf of bread -- so this was a nice break.  

Cool fabric

We don’t know about you, but we are always hot. Like we sleep with a fan on while in the winter and all seasons in between -- hot. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could press a button (like the Jetsons) on your clothes and instantly be cooler? But what if you could … well, minus the cheesy button.


Specifically, See Rose Go’s CoolROSE™ Jersey collection. The CoolROSE Jersey collection has thermoregulating benefits that help maintain a comfortable body temperature which means keeping you cool AND dry. In the sweltering hot sun of Cancun, we decided to put the fabric to the test. In both of our outfits, we felt much cooler than we expected and were pleasantly surprised how breathable The CoolROSE Jersey collections fabric is because it is infused with their patented fiber called COOLMAX® - a special fabric blend that pulls moisture away from the body and allows dampness to evaporate into the air, which keeps you cooler. Add in machine washable and anti-pilling and you are winning, ladies!

The Culture

See Rose Go takes pride in being a brand that is created by women, for women, and to support women. Did you know that 80 percent of people (60 million!) working in the garment production process are women? This is why See Rose Go makes it imperative to be responsible and only work with factories that are certified with workers who have benefits and a safe and healthy work environment. They believe they have the power to change, starting with factories and their #fashionrevolution #imadeyourclothes campaign.

We say that is a pretty amazing start to a positive change in the global fashion industry. Not only are we wearing chic clothes from See Rose Go, but we are also supporting a powerful cause to support women. WINNING.
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