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Made to Order

Announcing our Made to Order campaign, a new more sustainable way to order See ROSE Go. Made To Order is a process for us to launch new styles, colors and patterns that offers you the opportunity to vote, through pre-order, which styles go into prodcution. Good for the environment, good for you, and good for us - made to order allows us to order more precisely into the designs and sizes we need for you. This reduces waste with transportation and decrease in over-prodcution.

Benefits of Made To Order

Less Waste

Made to order reduces our carbon footprint and decreases over-production.

Your Order Has Impact

We only manufacture the styles you show love, building deeper engagement with our community.

Early Feedback

Made to order allows us to understand more deeply which designs and sizes we need for you.

It's easy

When we launch our Fall Collection on Sept 5th, you'll place your order on seerosego.com, same as usual. These orders will help us understand which designs you love and which you don’t. We will communicate those most loved styles with the factory to produce and be delivered to you four weeks later. 

Any questions? Let us know using the contact form below.

How it works

Place order

Between September 5 - September 10 you can purchase the new Fall Collection on seerosego.com. A confirmation of your order will be emailed to you.


You will receive email updates at key points as your new See ROSE Go pieces progress through production.


After three weeks to manufacture, one week for transportation, customs and warehouse processing, we expect to ship your made to order between October 9-12.

Any questions or comments? Let us know.

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