I Am Rose - Kelly Augustine

I Am Rose - Kelly Augustine

Teaming with Kelly was a no-brainer to showcase street style at its best. Kelly is known for her infectious smile AND style. Not only is her wardrobe on point but Kelly also shares a deep connection with each of the other models and photographer. Capturing the street vibe was as important to us as depicting the authentic supportive relationship these women share. To get to know Kelly better we got together to ask a few hard hitting question that have been on our mind ; )                    

SRG: Can you describe your career trajectory and what brings you to where you are today? 

Kelly: I started blogging in 2009 while I was minoring in journalism in college. I was working at a magazine in NYC but still didn't feel like I was writing enough so I wrangled some of my girlfriends that were all interning in different areas and I launched MASQUE Magazine. I was very behind-the-screen, but a friend snapped a photo of me at New York Fashion Week in 2012 and it ended up in Lucky Magazine. I got tons of questions about where I shop, and the rest is history. I've been creating content about primarily fashion and beauty ever since. 

SRG: Describe your earliest memory of being interested in fashion.

Kelly: When I was younger, I would take old pairs of jeans and make purses out of them! I remember combing through Seventeen Magazine and Teen Vogue and DIY'ing lots of things I saw in the pages. I was making bags, skirts, earrings - you name it. And not so much in fashion, but more of content creation, when I was in high school I went to a school where only 5% of us were Black and Latinx and we felt very underrepresented, always. So for our senior yearbook, I pulled together our own superlatives, let people take out ads for their cliques, etc and I created a yearbook just for us. I think I was so busy with getting ready to graduate that I never actually got the book printed, but I still have the pages. That was the first time I realized I had a real, vested interested in publishing. 

SRG: Why do you think street style is important to fashion culture and why is it important for people to see?

Kelly: For so long, what tv and print has presented to consumers has been very one-dimensional. I think street style has been so important to the culture because it allows consumers to see direct reflections of themselves. I know for plus size fashion in particular, street style has provided representation that has subsequently turned the industry on its head.

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SRG: At See Rose Go we champion a woman’s passion, we want to see her go. How have female friends, colleagues, or strangers made a difference in the pursuit toward your goals?

Kelly: Seeing other women - particularly women of color - own it and take command of their destiny just makes me believe that I can do it too. Having first-hand evidence that hard work and dedication can get someone to their goals has been pivotal in how tirelessly I've worked. 





SRG: You have made a successful career transition moving from PR / marketing to influencer, any advise for women looking to make a shift?

See Rose Go Plus Size Street Style New York Fashion Week

Kelly: I think making connections, both with those working in the field and those that make up the community you're looking to shift into, make the transition much easier. I was working in both PR and marketing while building a community of women in the fashion space so I was able to phase out of a 9-to-5 pretty seamlessly. I would also recommend having a safety net of cash to fall back on. Some entrepreneurs preach the "fly by the seat of your pants" mentality, but it really helped me to have money in my savings account before taking the leap. It made me feel much more comfortable to take risks and really focus on my brand because I didn't have to take any ole job to pay my bills.

SRG: Complete this sentence. I last felt inspired when ______ . 

Kelly: I learned to stand on my own. This most recently is in reference to learning to be comfortable traveling alone. It's changed my perspective on so many other parts of my life! 

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