I am ROSE - Marie Denee

I am ROSE - Marie Denee

Her name is synonymous with plus size fashion. We are talking about Marie Denee one of the original plus size fashion bloggers making wave in the fashion industry. Because of Marie's voice she has pioneered the plus size fashion movement making space for brands like See ROSE Go. Marie is the creator and editor in chief of The Curvy Fashionista and a tech media entrepreneur. We've known Marie since launching See ROSE Go but like many things over the course of the pandemic, we had the opportunity to connect further discovering we have barely scratched the surface. Marie is more than what we see on paper or perhaps more current, the omnipresent digital screen. If you have ever wondered who is Rose in See ROE Go she is in all of us -  modern and classic, vulnerable and strong, beautiful, approachable and growing. Marie is a Rose. She has moved mountains while making strides for others and shows no sign of resting on her laurels.  She's just getting started. 

SRG: We think you have such a cool story! Tell us about your path and what makes you the woman you are today.

Ohhhhh... the woman I am today? So much. BUT, I would have to say that in the past few years, I have had tremendous leaps of personal growth, and this has to do with therapy. Hands down. For me, it was the unpacking, unlearning, and then the relearning how to mother myself, value myself, and to learn that I am enough, period. This has been my biggest lesson right now. 

However, I owe a lot of who I am to the women in my life who have raised me, inspired me, and who have instilled this moxie and gumption to forge a path ahead. 

I am a daughter of a single mother who put in 23 years of service in the navy. I am the eldest grandchild of a woman who snuck to go to college. 

I come from some bold and confident women!

While my mother was in the navy, we grew up mostly on islands- both Okinawa, Japan and Hawaii. I did not own a pair of jeans until I moved to California to finish high school! Ha! 

But the woman I am today? I am still learning (reveling in it) who she is. I think it is a constant journey, no? 

SRG: Well said and thankfully a constant journey!

If you could give one liner that would describe you…?

This is actually a hard one... A Cheerleader who is a goofy, corny, silly, serious, and playful nerd? Maybe?

SRG: We agree with cheerleader for sure! You've always been there for us at See ROSE Go. Tell us about a time you felt most powerful…

Ohhhh, for me, it is whenever I am impacting change or lending my voice to the powers that be and holding them accountable. For me, I have spoken up and have called out brands to their face, with love. Knowing that I can do this and wield my influencer here, is empowering. 

And to follow up, when have you felt the most vulnerable?

There are two times I can vividly remember. It has to do with two articles I wrote. One was finding my father and staring into his eyes for the first time and another was sharing my bouts with depression. These two moments were an avalanche of emotions that I was not 100% ready to handle, but sharing my process unnerved me, BUT through doing this, it helped me find my own strength and way back. 

SRG: There is so much strength in this vulnerability. Thank you for sharing these moments with us too.


SRG: How about your earliest fashion memory?

I sketched as a child. I drew outfits, women, and fashion in all of my notebooks. I have fond memories of doing this and have even picked it back up now! But a close runner up was learning to sew my own clothes. This was the biggest feat, where I felt like you could not tell me anything, I WAS CUTE! Hehehehe

SRG: What has been the biggest surprise/ or challenge in starting a company?

Ohhhhhh, you know what?  I have learned that I had been thinking way too damned small. About myself and where The Curvy Fashionista could go. For me, I had to learn how to push and think so big that it scares the bejesus out of me. 

SRG: It is scary and we do have to push ourselves to think bigger especially if we have been conditioned to think safe. At See ROSE Go we champion women, their passion and ambitions. What is some stand-out advice you’ve received?

Who do you dream big with? 

Create a roadmap. 

You mentioned advice I have received, but I have to add one I always tell others: Remember your WHY. 

SRG: Remembering your WHY is so applicable to every day. From writing an email to creating a vision or keeping sane during lockdown! The last 13 months has been trying and emotional to say the least, how have you found respite and focus?

I tried to first turn my thoughts to figure out what I could do to serve the community best. So, I ended up creating a FB Live Series, Speaking of Curves. Twice a week we interview plus size business owners to share their story and to help readers learn how they can best support the independent brands, boutiques, and businesses during this time. 

Also? This time has also allowed me to plan things out in a new way. I have been able to actualize a roadmap, start on two additional brands, and to actualize a goal program of mine, that I never thought could happen! 

Your girl has been busy and has more focus than ever! 

SRG: We loved being a part of Speaking of Curves and actually is what got us connecting in a deeper way. You have been beyond busy! 

SRG: Top 5 favorite products that have kept you going over lockdown - GO!

Baby Foot 

Port Wine 

Amazon Fresh



SRG: What’s next for you? Wildest dream scenarios encouraged!

What is next? You know what? This is such a hard question to answer as I have been on a mission to build and discover what my own level up will look like. 

There will be a shift in content, events, and programs that I am excited to roll out and share! 

I am still in the process of dreaming my wildest scenario... I am still trying to figure out JUST what that is. I can say that I have thought too small in the past. I played myself and my brand small and it had hindered me. NOW? As I welcome the silver linings this time has shown me that I CAN make it happen! 

SRG: We believe you can do anything Marie!!! 

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