What to Pack: 101

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By Contributing Editor Sarah Lukas

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I’m Sarah - a thirtysomething, wife-to-be who works a full-time job planning and traveling to events for a University sports team. I also run a side business planning and executing corporate, non-profit events and weddings as well as helping other business owners as a virtual assistant. When my mind isn’t running a million different directions - I spend a lot of time thinking about what to wear and how to pack when I travel.

Here’s why I dedicate a lot of thinking to this: 

I once tried wearing a business suit and heels on a flight so I could run to a business meeting as soon as I landed.

Whoa – I never did that again! I was uncomfortable the entire time, spilled coffee and then after all of that, looked like a wrinkled mess when I got off the plane. Let’s not even talk about how I had to literally walk 4 miles in the airport to get from the terminal to baggage claim.
Instead of showing up to the meeting as a sophisticated fashionista who looked and felt great – I was a sweaty mess with aching feet.

Then I tried the comfort route.
I had this great plan of wearing workout gear on the plane and then changing before I had to go to my meeting.
I’m sure you’ve tried to change in a bathroom before - but how about an airport bathroom? I almost fell over trying to change my pants, the hook on the back of the door was gone so I had nowhere to put my belongings. I’ll spare you the rest of the story it wasn’t pretty, not what I needed!
Right then and there – I started my quest for clothing that was comfortable, classic and made me look and feel like the effortlessly stylish woman who can show up put together at a meeting.

They always say hindsight is 20/20 so here’s what I stick to now:
Wear and pack clothes that you can mix and match. I find that you can take 3 bottoms and 4 tops and get 12 outfits by mixing and matching the pieces. It’s helpful if the pieces are solid colors or neutral patterns that complement one another to assist with the mixing and matching.

Ensure the pieces you pack you can layer or wear different ways for different occasions. I love this layering vest from See Rose Go. I can wear it on the plane with a turtleneck and slacks. Then I can wear it over a dress or skirt for a business meeting, event or if I head out on the town.

Comfort is also key for me, who wants to spend all day wearing something uncomfortable? Not me! The everyday legging from See Rose Go has been a lifesaver! I wear these with a crisp, white blouse and maybe a blazer or pashmina and I’m set to go! The fact that they have stretch vegan leather with a stretch ponte fabric makes me look like I dressed up, but feel like I'm wearing sweatpants. It’s a win, win in by book! Not to mention I can wear these if I stay over the weekend.
Shop travel essential clothing at minimal plus size brand See Rose Go


So now I look great and feel great showing up to meetings confident and able to concentrate on being and doing my best. I hope I saved a bit of thinking time for you as you prepare for your next trip.

Fun travels! XO


Photographer Credit: Gabrielle Rubino / @gabrielle_rubino / gabriellerubinophotography.com

Author Sarah Lukas is an event planner for a midwest University playing D1 athletics, meaning she travels A LOT. When not traveling with the University President and teams, she's planning her upcoming wedding and trying to enjoy home-time. Check out her effortless style and say "hi" on IG @slukes20


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  • Patty P on

    Sarah not only looks great, she’s a top-notch event planner with amazing flexibility and problem-solving skills. She always keeps her cool and good humor!

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