Wearing the camo trend in plus size fashion

Wearing the camo trend in plus size fashion

The History of Camo 

The camo print, once used as a way to help shield military equipment and personnel, has become a very common staple print in many people’s wardrobes. A color and print that was once designed to conceal has turned into a bold fashion statement. Camo print has become a pattern that signals strength, unity, and protection. It can also signify a sense of rebellion and power.

Becoming popular in the WWI era, “Militaries first used camouflage patterning to hide, not people, but locations and equipment. When machine guns, trench warfare, and aerial photography emerged, France, as well as England, Germany, and the United States, abandoned the traditional, brighter uniform colors, and opted for a muted olive drab color,” according to toprankvintage.com. In the late 1960’s through to the early 1970’s, wearing camo and bomber jackets were seen as an act of protest against the war efforts during the Vietnam War. By the late 80’s and 90’s that rebellious camo trend took off as a major fashion statement. Camo was adopted by creators and fans of hip-hop in Brooklyn. Camouflage was worn by rappers and skaters looking for durable, but inexpensive pieces from army surplus shops; utility jackets like military jackets, camo bomber jackets, and camo parkas became a mainstay in cool, ultra-functional street style. The pieces were then paired with different graphic t-shirts, levi's and cool kicks.

The print continued to become more and more popular, and was eventually being worn by major names in the hip-hop industry. Public Enemy, a hip-hop crew formed in 1986 in Long Island, are known as one of the first major groups that popularized the camo print. They were a politically charged group, making music about social injustices, and with a print like camo signaling rebellion and protest, it's no surprise that the group was frequently seen and photographed in the print. Notably, fashion brand BAPE is one of the first clothing brands that incorporated the camo print into popular silhouettes. The brand was exclusive, and limited. Their popular camo pattern was seen on virtually every music artist that was popular in the late 90's. Most recognizable might be The Notorious B.I.G. (pictured above) in a BAPE first ever camouflage parka. Camo's popularity continued into the 90’s, and was being worn by pretty much everyone from rappers like Tupac and Wu-Tang Clan, to boy-bands like NSYNC, to the Spice Girls and Destiny’s Child. Camo took off and became one of the first real street-style trends. It was seen on runways and streets everywhere, and now-a-days can be found in almost every silhouette from denim jackets, leggings, joggers, hoodies, and blazers! 

Brands continued to include camo print in their collections. Still, even in 2019, the Fall fashion runways around the world were adorned with camo. It was a popular print in many designer’s collections including Sandy Liang, Philipp Plein, Palm Angels, Nicole Miller, and so many others. The print’s versatility was showcased through the designers’ styling of the pieces. From jackets to tops to full pantsuits and jumpsuits, any witness to the runway can see the many possibilities for wearing and styling the popular print. 

Knowing the omnipresence of camo print, why is the pattern still hard to find in a chic and versatile way for a majority of women? Specifically within in women's plus size. Google plus size camo and you'll find cartoonish and overtly exaggerated versions. It remains a challenge to incorporate and style the print into a modern and every day wardrobe. Within plus-size design, there is a blatant lack of options for plus size camouflage. There is either inexpensive, poor quality fast fashion options, or ultra luxury designer options that are not going to do great things for your wallet. Enter the See ROSE Go Camo Jacket!

Our Camo Jacket is a premium design without the luxury price tag. The jacket is a luxurious jacquard patterned camo. The pattern is engineered into the weave of the fabric which offers a tonal and textural look with a luxurious feel. It offers comfort and style at a price that won’t break the bank. There are endless ways to style it, which guarantees that you’ll get the most bang for your buck. The jacket is comfortable, light-weight and water repellent, making it the perfect piece to wear for the upcoming fall season. Not only will this jacket look and feel good, but the jacquard material it is made with is a reclaimed fabric, which is part of our sustainability efforts here at See ROSE Go! To learn more about our sustainable efforts and other reclaimed styles visit here. 

Camo Style Ideas

Shop the Camo Jacket 

Style the Camo Jacket with our Coolest T-Shirt and Tailored Track pant or throw it over our Signature Tunic Shirt for a chic but comfortable work-from-home ensemble. Rather than throwing on a sweatshirt, this piece is the perfect jacket to pair with your favorite pair of denim jeans over a simple graphic tee to create a more elevated look. Maybe you’re going out for a nice, socially-distanced meal at your favorite restaurant and need a jacket to put over your outfit that’s not too heavy, but that will also offer some relief from the crisp fall air, the Camo Jacket would be the perfect option! There are truly so many ways to style this seasonless piece. One of our customers says she likes to keep the jacket on her desk chair and throw it on over her t-shirt before any of her video calls and/or Zoom meetings to make herself look more professional and stylish. Whichever way you style it, our Camo Jacket is the perfect piece to add to your wardrobe if you’re looking to add some camo and chicness into your everyday style. If you're more in the market for a long sleeve cardigan, make sure to sign up for our newsletter to know when our previously sold out camo cardigan is back in stock! Until then, happy camouflaging! 


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