Top 6 Lessons Learned from Interviewing Change Agents

Hosting a talk show that focuses on change agents, Natasha Nurse regularly finds herself conversing with industry leaders, empire builders and community connectors who are shakin' things up.

Impressed by her many conversations and wealth of knowledge, we asked  -

"Hey Natasha, you have the opportunity to meet and speak with modern day change agents. What are the top lessons you've learned from speaking with these amazing people?"

Being an innovative woman herself - Natasha prefers vlog to blog, so sit back - listen and learn.




Thank you Natasha for sharing your experiences and knowledge about life, tonight you give me hope and encouragement to continue to reach higher in my future goals and passion..

Sylvie Ndiaye

Sylvie July 18, 2018

Way to go Bae! Love the empowerment tips for people.

Kahlil July 05, 2018

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