The Phoebe Philo of plus size fashion, if you will!

The Phoebe Philo of plus size fashion, if you will!

Phoebe Philo may be coming back to fashion. Just why is this one women so important that even a rumor is causing a stir? One of the most acclaimed designers of our generation, Phoebe made her name during a 10-year tenure at Céline. Season after season, she created beautifully low-key modernist clothing.

Fan’s know, Phoebe’s Céline, was a brand that truly got women. She combined minimalism and clean lines with well-placed, whimsical elements. Her collections are thoughtfully designed from luxurious fabric selections to the meticulous fit. She is especially close to our heart here at See ROSE Go as a true North Star and inspiration to our designs, as we share the same design sensibility and our point of view on the multi-dimensional lives we live as modern women.  It’s our goal to bring the same inspired design attention to women who have been ignored by premium design. See ROSE Go brings a Phoebe-like focus on femininity, beauty of design and the desire for comfort to plus size fashion. The Phoebe Philo of plus size fashion if you will! 


Phoebe left Céline in 2017 and one of the most distressing things about her departure was that she had no plans to go to another house. Until now! Turns out Phoebe has been working on her own collection with an “eco slant and essentials focus.” Wow, could it be? Well even if a rumor- Phoebe had such an emotional connection with women that the fashion industry is buzzing. 

Make no mistake, in our book the highest compliment you can give a designer is a comparison to Phoebe Céline.  Which is why we aim to deliver this! The attention to detail, minimalist clothing that has the nebulous quality of “getting women” hasn’t been scratched in plus size design. As for her new line, we can’t wait! And hope to see her embrace inclusive sizing to truly “get all women.”



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