The New Neutral: 3 Ways to Rock Zebra Print This Season

The New Neutral: 3 Ways to Rock Zebra Print This Season

Patterns in fashion come and go. Some more than others. One pattern that never seems to go out of style is animal print. Animal print has a long and vibrant history. Leopard or zebra, these prints have been called several names in addition – fierce, extravagant and powerful. Besides making a wild wardrobe staple and spicing up interior design styles, animal print has held its own throughout time.

Model wearing See ROSE Go Zebra Dress in neutral tones

Throughout history, animal prints like zebra have been synonymous with power and strength. The stylish trend dates back to the 1920s. First popularized by movie star Joan Crawford, animal prints were considered a glamorous and timeless must-have. Leopard print was the standout star amongst the animal prints. After World War II, leopard print was mass-produced due to the rise in popularity, thanks to Christian Dior. Animal print was also extremely favored amongst royalty. Animal print dominated their interior design styles. Not that they needed it, but the print solidified their social status amongst classes. There was even an old wise tale of hunters wearing the print because they believe it would give them the power of the animal they were wearing. 

Fast forward, to the 50s and 60s, we see the rise of the leopard coat. Most women had one and everyone woman wanted one. Having a leopard coat reflected that you were a well-off woman, but of course, every trend sees its decline eventually. With animal print comes the speculation of animal cruelty, and the reign of animal print was no longer. That is until the 80s…

The 80s were a bewitching time for the animal print craze. The rise of female rockstars. What better way to display fierceness than being a fearless female rocker–adorned in leather looks and print leggings. And just like that, animal print mania was reborn. Animal print was essentially a second skin and couldn’t be evaded. Wild renditions could be spotted in art, furniture, lingerie, mini dresses, the list is endless. Animal print was hard to ignore. It’s bold, imaginative, and brings out your inner wild side. It was truly a luxury staple. Animal print has had its fair share of highs and lows throughout history and is now truly here to stay. Because of animal print’s omnipresence, appeal and versatility, it is now considered a neutral. Easy to wear with any other color and wearable in a variety of situations.  Fashion has embraced animal print, it’s extremely prominent in women’s clothing. Activewear, lace-up heels, body-con dresses, you name it.

But, leopard print isn’t the end all be all. There are so many animal prints to explore. There’s cheetah, cow print, snakeskin, and of course our chic pattern, zebra. Zebra had its unique sense of popularity throughout the 80s living her retro life. Now she's back with grace in 2022. If you want to harness the power and dominance of a rockstar from the 80s, here are three ways to reincarnate zebra print into modern your wardrobe. 

Standout Piece

Try picking a standout piece. This helps you slowly start to integrate the print into your wardrobe. Try a pair of printed jeans or a dress, then build around it. If an entire piece is too much for you, go even smaller. Start with your accessories. Try print scarves or hats. The key to wearing zebra print is to start easing it into your outfit until you feel more confident to wear more. Zebra print comes in almost every clothing piece you can think of. This spring sport a printed mini skirt or even a printed blouse. Try a chiffon shirt paired with a cami. Use Zebra print to tap into your inner animal and have fun!  Zebra prints have been caught on camera during fashion week street style from a shirt dress to faux leather pants. What’s going to be your standout piece of the season?

More Print

For the next level pattern mixers. Add more print. Kick it up notch by adding matching zebra to your top and bottom layers. Stacking print in an outfit adds an edge to your look like this graphic t-shirt over a long sleeve sheer zebra long sleeve. Add a jumpsuit or a print shift dress. Sporty or chic? For my graphic tee lovers, there’s an abundance of opportunity out there for you. The world is your oyster. Switch up your printed tee or throw it back to the 80s and sport tie-dye. Maybe add a ruffle or two. 

Zebra, Not just for Black and White

Zebra print doesn’t always have to be black and white. Chose any color your heart desires. This spring, we’re all about the zebra print here at See ROSE Go. You asked, we answered. Over the summer we surveyed our community to see if you prefer a hoodie or a pullover, a crew sweatshirt, or a v-neck. It was close but the classic crew neck sweatshirt prevailed by 57%. This upcoming season, be on the lookout for our new plus-size Trailblazer Crew Sweatshirt in Citrine Zebra. It’s the best of both worlds, bold print, and bold color. The Trailblazer Sweatshirt is a long sleeve crew neck with a soft lime green and stone tonal zebra print. In true See ROSE Go style, this piece is meant to go from work desk to weekend. Style as a work-appropriate piece pairing with an unstructured blazer, pleated trousers, and loafers, over a silk cowl neck maxi dress and opaque color tights. You can even pack up the long sleeve top for vacations and throw it on over your swimwear at the beach or get comfy with a bra and underwear at home, just push up the sleeves for a more short sleeve stylized look. Prediction, this limited quantity piece will be sold out in no time. 

So, whether its Zebra, leopard, or snakeskin this spring, animal print will forever live on as a timeless trend. Show your wild side this season. Stunt a strappy leopard print midi dress or a sleeveless zebra print vest. Don’t be afraid of the print, it won’t bite ; ) 

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