Simplicity of Favorites

By Erin Cavanaugh

Quarantining with young kids while running a start up has been exhausting. Depending on the day, I feel I’m either failing or succeeding with no in-between as a CEO, a wife, a daughter, a mom, a friend and myself. Who knew spending so much time on this quantine hamster-wheel, or as one friend put it, the insanity burrito, could be more demanding than pre-pandemic?!

With each day feeling like Groundhog’s Day I needed to make a change. I decided to find ease and a mindfulness that helped me to look forward to my day, rather than rushing from task to task before I was even out of bed. Really, there has never been a better time for more simple routines with ease and purpose. A simple routine doesn’t have to mean rigid or lacking in joy. In fact, my answer was the opposite, I found a calm simplicity comes from surrounding myself with favorites that help add thoughtfulness.

A favorite is something that brings joy. Maybe its for the right look or right price, but ultimately favorites are discovered because of the way they make us feel. A simplicity of favorites can be applied to any to-do’s helping us find joy in our routines. Now more than ever our routines need to contribute toward our happiness not stress. By finding and focusing on function I’ve applied favorites to my everyday routines like showering, morning meetings and getting dressed! The results: products we use during our daily routines can mean all the difference between joy and a dry monotony of going through the motions just to tick off the list.

Because! Think about it, if you LOVED your workout outfit, toothbrush or whatever is in your refrigerator, would you look forward to that pilates video, getting ready for bed or making dinner? Favorite products usher in simplicity because of: 1. their function, paired with 2. the emotion they evoke. A friend recently told me that during quarantine her products became much more to her than merely products. They became favorites in mini rituals of self care, bringing joy. Now, I don't advocate putting your happiness in a candle, blanket or serum. But I do believe I only have room in my life for a mindfulness that brings happiness.

The trick is to avoid settling and make the time to mindfully surround yourself with favorites. (Making time is a completely different journey / article!) While I started doing this for my own personal needs I came to the realization the idea of favorites connects so closely to the ethos of See ROSE Go. How did I not apply this to my life earlier?! We live for effortlessness at HQ. We talk about an ease and dependability of the perfect white shirt.  Yes, a happy simplicity comes from surrounding yourselves with favorites like clothing, so you can never go wrong. You have the comfort of knowing the outcome. EVERY. TIME.  And knowledge is power. Just think of the mindspace saved if you never again gave worry to the age old question, “What to wear?” Valuable time better spent on what matters more. 

Surrounding myself with beloved products helped me look forward to my mindful commitment because I enjoyed the process. These are simple everyday steps I took back from the monotony of the insanity burrito and made them joyful. Even my morning meetings. I make a beloved french press, (recipe below) use a beloved mug my daughter made me, put on my go-to white button down (b/c I LOVE it paired with my layered necklaces) and sit on the couch (better lighting in the morning) not my desk. It’s little, it’s small, it’s simple and it makes me happy. 

Still a work in progress, It’s not perfect and the craziness some days does ensue. I’m making the promise to myself to gain control of how I experience the currently exhausting day-to-day and how I then turn around and treat others. Starting with adding joy of simplicity into my routines.

As promised - My favorite coffee recipe, let me know what you think!


  • 2/3 cup coarsely ground coffee
  • 3 cups water
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 3 tablespoons dark brown sugar
  • Milkadamia (Macadamia nut milk)
    *if allergic to nuts use 1/2 milk, 1/2 cream to taste

Combine coffee, water, cinnamon and brown sugar in a French Press and stir. Cover and refrigerate overnight.

The next morning, press the coffee base and pour over ice, until about 3/4 full. Add Milkadamia milk to taste. 

Lastly, experience blissful coffee drinking to help usher in a morning full of Zooms or Microsoft Teams, etc...

You're wellllllcommmee ; ) 


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