One Jacket, Infinite Style

One Jacket, Infinite Style

Summer is here, kind of. It’s that beloved transition from rainy Spring mornings into longer days. Even as we remain home, slowly and optimisticly venturing out, many of us still work from home and socialize at a distance. So what does Spring and Summer style mean to us now? How does it matter? 

We talked before how maintaining a sense of routine helps mental wellness with normalcy. But deeper than that comes our renewed sense of 'less is more.' Being on lockdown reinforces - in all of us - a need to surround ourselves with favorites, because favorites bring us happiness.  From a candle to a serum to a beloved piece of clothing. 

So, rather than ask what is spring - summer fashion this year we should be asking ourselves, what are our favorites? Your favorite clothes should bring ease, versatility, comfort and joy! You should feel your best, as one customer recently put it wearing our new Camo Jacket, “I feel I can take on the world!” 

To test run the easy, versatility, take-on-the-world-factor of our new Camo Jacket, we asked celebrity stylist Meaghan O'Connor to take our newest silhouette for a spin. Here are three Meaghan styled looks for spring, summer, home, not home, and beyond.


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