How to Style a Jumpsuit Outfit with our Sustainable Plus Size Jumpsuit

How to Style a Jumpsuit Outfit with our Sustainable Plus Size Jumpsuit

How To Style a Jumpsuit 

We all love the idea of a jumpsuit. Why? Like a dress, a jumpsuit can be a whole look, one-and-done. And like most favorite wardrobe pieces, the jumpsuit history is an extensive one. The jumpsuit originated as a functional garment, specifically crafted for parachuting. Yes, like jumping from planes. Back then, the jumpsuit was associated with very dangerous work. But over time, some saw the potential for the jumpsuit in everyday wear. In 1919, a cotton-based jumpsuit was designed by Italian artist, Thayat. His vision for the jumpsuit was to be an everyday piece, a utopian garment made for everyone and every situation. His futuristic jumpsuits were meant to go beyond the browns, grays and black monotony bringing bright color and textured clothing to the masses. He anointed it the TuTa. However, his vision may have gotten lost in translation. The normal working-class ignored the TuTa, and it was taken on by Florentine’s upper class. The complete opposite of what he wanted.

Fast-forward to the 1930s, we see the first luxury jumpsuit designed for elegant women. Designer Elsa Schiaparelli designed jumpsuits for high-class society, thus her designs only being worn by a select few. Her designs featured different fabrics in chic black jumpsuits, polka dots and various necklines. By the 1940s we were at war again and women were stepping into the factories. Thus the creation of scarf hairstyles and coveralls for women. The rise of the denim jumpsuit was also due to another cultural icon, Rosie the Riveter. Rosie became an inspiration to women in the workplace everywhere. That’s why this spring, we’re introducing the timeless jumpsuit to our assortment. If you want that vintage feel with a modern look and fit check out our Riveter Jumpsuit, in a wear-everywhere bottle green. Made in recycled cotton and drapey tencel fabric with just a bit of stretch the piece also has an adjustable waistline. Go from casual to formal in an instant. 

Even with Rosie’s influence, the jumpsuit didn’t reach everyday wear status until another decade or so. The 60s and 70s were a time to be alive. For music and the jumpsuit. Any adaptation to the piece you could think of, leather by day and embellished patterns by night. Even though the jumpsuit didn’t pick up till the 60s, Elsa Schiaparelli continued to keep them in her collections anyway. Eventually, years later, other luxury designers followed suit. Some fashion houses we still see today –Yves Saint Laurent, Oscar de la Renta, Christian Dior, Halston, and more. The 70s is when the jumpsuit evolved into a more unisex piece. The entertainment industry cemented the flowy wide-leg jumpsuit into musical icon status. Artists we know and love like, Freddie Mercury, Cher, David Bowie, and of course, Elvis Presley’s infamous white jumpsuit. These recording artists are known for their unique spin on the jumpsuit. Celebrities weren’t the only ones wearing jumpsuits during that era. Metallic gold halter jumpsuits are synonymous with Studio 54 fashionistas.

By the 80s, the jumpsuit was an established shape in fashion. It was so popular, that designer Geoffrey Beene deemed it, “The ballgown of the next century.” And here it is in 2023, still holding longevity. The reason the jumpsuit is so loved is the many ways it can be worn. As Thayat intended, by anyone, anywhere. Styling the jumpsuit is a creative outlet given the many jumpsuit outfits to be made. Be ready to roll, cuff, button, unbutton and accessorize. See our three ways to style the iconic one-piece featuring our Riveter jumpsuit.

Cool and Casual

As life becomes more seamless, casual - comfy - looking put together reign our wardrobe choices. Jumpsuits make the perfect ensemble for a quick (very quick) chic outfit. It is the piece you grab on repeat to feel comfortable but look chic in an instant because the jumpsuit is doing most of the work for you. Try pairing your casual jumpsuit with a t-shirt underneath or a denim jacket to top it off. Or instead of adding more try less. Our new Riveter jumpsuit is the perfect cool and effortless piece. For a casual look, we styled it by rolling the long sleeves, cuffing the hems to ankle length, and adding hi-top white sneakers. The Riveter comes in a refreshing green just in time for spring. Bold solid color is always favorable. Switch out the sneaks for a pair of flat sandals. Shop the Riveter and jump right in.

See ROSE Go cool and chic plus size jumpsuit, model is wearing the jumpsuit in a size 2x (18 / 20) layered with our Signature Tunic Shirt in Palm Stripe and white heeled booties. Model is leaning against a door frame in NYC.

Dressy Outfit Ideas

Dress it up or dress it down. Jumpsuits are great for formal events too. Try stepping away from the dresses and selecting a versatile jumpsuit for your next formal gathering. Whether you’re going to a cocktail party or a chill lounge with friends, we’ve got your back. Shoes, accessories, hair, and make-up are your go-to here to upgrade the comfort of the jumpsuit. For example, we’ve styled our Riveter jumpsuit with a pair of strappy high heels, an elegant silk scarf, and unbuttoned the collar showing more skin. Jewelry, a red lip, and shoe choice will put the jumpsuit over to top toward dressy. When Fall comes take your jumpsuit into cooler weather by adding a sophisticated blazer, our Gentlewoman Turtleneck underneath then wear flats or a cute pair of booties. You can play with the jumpsuit shape by looking for an adjustable waist for a better fit on all body types. An adjustable waist can use tabs, ties, and drawstrings. These will allow the option to slightly cinch in at the waist for an hourglass shape or leave more loose for a relaxed fit. A girl needs options.

Casual cool, model is wearing the Riveter Jumpsuit in plus size 1x size 14 / 16. Model is posing in a white ground studio with hands in front pockets and wearing neutral beige color sneakers.


We love taking a style and making it go further. Even a jumpsuit can double as a pair of pants. For this style tip - wear the jumpsuit unbuttoned to the waist, then tie the long sleeves around your waist. We styled our Riveter with the Trailblazer Crew in Mojito Zebra to play off the green tonalities. It is definitely a borrowed-from-the-boys vibe, great for a laid-back BBQ, movie night, or out of sight for a zoom. Bonus, our crew in mojito zebra is the statement piece you never knew you needed. 

Well heeled, Model is now wearing the same Riveter Jumpsuit in Passport Blue, which can be described as a lighter navy, and wearing heels. Showing the style versatility of the jumpsuit. Models is standing in power pose with hands in pockets and styled with Black Stiletto shoes.

A versatile jumpsuit is on our fashion icon list for its functionality and timeless style. Style Options? Check. Pockets? Check. Comfort? Check. Polish? Check. Attitude? Check. There are so many different style options to try and endless style combos to wear. These are just three outfit ideas, inspiration comes from all around you, street style to the stage. Comedian Catherine Cohen just wore a bright pink shorts jumpsuit style for her Netflix special and looked flawless. She knows, the jumpsuit look is beautiful and comfy for all eyes on her. Keep it easy, effortless and comfortable then let us know, which outfit is your favorite? 

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