Embrace Timeless Plus Size Fashion: The Rise of Anti-Trend Clothing

Plus size model wearing loose navy blue pants and a loose white shirt. She wrapped a beige trench coat with three buttons around her shoulders and with one hand is holding the top part over her head like a hood.
Guest Editor Ava Zamora

Online sites such as Shein and Romwe are incredibly popular among Generation Z, but the whole premise of these websites is clothes that are produced very fast and in large quantities, but with much less money being put into their production. This results in clothes that are very poorly made with cheap and sometimes toxic materials that are making the fashion industry one of the largest polluters of clean water globally.

See ROSE Go Plus Size Blond Model wearing Go-TO LBD with rose gold zipper made in cooling, wicking fabric invented by See ROSE Go founders

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Despite this, people of my generation are very satisfied with clothing that is made this way and they aren’t forcing fashion brands to invest more money to make better quality clothing. Shein generated close to 30 billion dollars in revenue in 2022 and even just walking around on the street I notice that the quality of the clothing that people of my generation wear is not anywhere near where it could be. They are not interested in owning timeless pieces that will last a long time. On the other side of this spectrum are brands like Another Tomorrow. This brand sells clothes at a much higher price point but the quality is much higher and it is sustainable. While fast fashion brands have to take the risk of predicting what will be trending months prior to when the clothes come out, Anti-trend brands do not have to do that since they stick to their own aesthetic regardless of what is “in” or “out.” Because predicting what will be trending months in advance will never be fully accurate, 30% of those clothes will be discarded, lowering the quality and creating unnecessary waste. Timeless clothing. May sell less, but the clothing that they sell is Anti-trend so that people can wear it year after year.  

Plus size model wearing navy pants and the See ROSE Go Plus Size Reversible Coolest T-Shirt which is a hip-length loose white v-neck t-shirt. She has shoulder length brown curly hair. One of her hands is touching her collar, she is leaning forward and to the side and her eyes are closed.

The History and Evolution of Anti-Trend Fashion

When would timeless fashion have begun? To answer this we have to state when did fashion begin. Before the mid-19th century the division between fashion or  haute couture and ready-to-wear did not clearly exist. Most women's clothing was made by a seamstress or dressmaker - made for a woman by measure on a one off basis. A majority of clothing was sewn and tailored at home. It want until mass production was created and ready to wear clothing was available in stores did the same clothing become available to many women at the same time. However even well before this fashionable themes would be popular in style or shape. Then us was up to your own dressmaker to emulate. Think Marie Antoinette setting trends throughout Europe with her style.

Anti-trend has always been seen as revolutionary and rebellious. During the 1800s the Dress Reform Association in Seneca Falls NY created the Bloomer costume which included a redesign of undergarments, including a soft corset and a skirt down to the ankles. Counter to the tight corsets and constricting undergarments and dresses that dictated of Victorian fashion. It was not received well as it was considered unladylike and only rebellious people would wear it. In the 1950s through 1980s, Anti-trends came up again with the rise in rock and roll. Women began to wear jeans, plaid shirts, t shirts and military clothes. They were going against the feminine gender roll and this is what paved the way for punk and grunge styles later on. In the 1970s fashion designer Vivienne Westwood pioneered the punk fashion movement that was widely adopted by teenagers. Punk fashion featured chains, rips, studs, slashes and safety pins. In the 1990s, Anti-trends came back again in a much simpler way. People began to wear minimalistic styles like basic jeans and plain white t-shirts. At the same time, some people adopted grunge, which was a contrast to the flashy styles of the 80s that often featured designer logos.

The Anti-Trend Movement: A Statement of Individuality

In the fashion world, trends tend to come and go, but at the same time an overarching trend has been developing and it is that of the Anti-trend. The Anti-trend disregards passing fads and instead focuses on timelessness. It is a quietly rebellious act against over consumption and over production. In this space, fashion has found a place of empowerment and belonging. Anti-trend is a rebellion against the never ending turnover of trends that direct what is in and what is out. It is a statement of who the person is an individual, a statement that goes above the seasonal fads and stands the test of time. It often omits fashion that has bold, flashy logos which are usually an assertion of wealth and instead that assertion is simply through the quality of the clothing itself.  Anti-trend fashion is something that allows  individuals to be able to freely express themselves. Especially in today’s world where beauty standards are very exclusive, Anti-trend fashion offers a place for all people to be celebrated and included. They can wear clothing that reflects their personality and makes them feel confident. Anti-trend fashion is timeless fashion. When someone wears Anti-trend fashion they invest in high quality, probably more expensive pieces that will last them a long time and continue to be classic and elegance regardless of the season.

See ROSE Go Plus Size Fashion Brand creating timeless ANTI-trend clothing with lasting style and quality, model is standing wearing Coolest T-Shirt in White, Chic Signature Tunic Shirt in White left unbutton and open as a duster and cool Classic Blue tailored Track Pants with straight leg fit and white grosgrain ribbon detail.

ANTI-trend fashion is more than just a passing fad – it’s a movement towards a more conscious and empowered way of dressing. So why not join the revolution and embrace timeless elegance with See ROSE Go? The size-inclusive collection features high-quality, sustainably made plus-size clothing that are wardrobe staples with lasting power, treasured timeless pieces that you wear season after season. For example the little black dress The Go-To LBD, functional comfort on the inside, effortlessly cool on the outside, wear yours all year long with leggings on the couch, sneakers for a coffee run or heels just because. A classic white tunic shirt The Signature Tunic Shirt Dress, a powerful classic that is absolutely necessary, and never boring. A perfectly tailored to fit wide leg pants that are boardroom ready and street style savvy, the ultimate comfy chic Multitasker Wide Leg Pant, are loved by all for how versatile and long lasting they are. Another example is the  Coolest T-Shirt This essential is meant to bring JOY through unrelenting versatile performance and smart design to enhance every day chic comfort. Finally you can complete your Anti-trend look with  the Iconic Trench Coat: SRG’s Brilliant Trench Coat, a modern tech take on a classic wardrobe staple with sharp elegant details and functional tech performance that make this the ideal utility layer to shield from the elements, whatever the season. It’s important to experiment with various colors, styles, silhouettes, and textures to find what make the person feel the most confident and authentically themself. When someone goes against trends, they break all the fashion rules and make their own path.  

Plus size model facing the camera wearing the Plus Size Signature Tunic Shirt in White which is a mid-length white button down tunic shirt with black edges on the collar and down the middle. She is also wearing white lace up sneakers.

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Ava Zamora is a high school senior with a passion for fashion from New York City who is interning with See ROSE Go for her senior project. She is going to Sacred Heart University in the fall, where she will be studying business and fashion. When she’s not going on shopping trips and reading fashion articles, you can find her on the beach, running, and eating at her favorite restaurants.

Timeless fashion is all about creating a wardrobe built around seasonal staples that will last you a lifetime. Sticking to versatile pieces, such as dresses, midi skirts, shirts, jeans, and blazers is essential when creating a capsule wardrobe that can be worn again and again.


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